From January 20th through February 18th, we celebrate an astrological alien invasion: Aquarius season. The water bearers of the zodiac, these air signs are defined by their open-minded, forward-thinking and independent nature. From Bob Marley’s devotion to global peace, to Oprah Winfrey singlehandedly trailblazing her own journalistic lane, Aquarians never quite fit into the status quo, and that’s their beauty.

Whether you’re related to an Aquarius, friends with an Aquarius, dating an Aquarius, or are an Aquarius yourself, here’s everything you need to know about the 11th zodiac sign.

An Aquarius’ Personality

Always offering an alternative perspective or being the first to reject a popular trend, an Aquarius is ahead of the curve at all times. They typically fall into creative careers, or traditional careers that they can innovate from the inside out. They want to leave the world better than they found it, deeply concerned with humanity and spirituality. They come from a lineage of hippies who despise war and embody the radical revolution they incarnated to carry through. 

Hardheaded and usually a few steps ahead, their attitudes can sometimes manifest as a superiority complex, as if it’s a waste of their time to explain themselves or cosplay as a mere human. Much of their duty is to dismantle antiquated systems with their visionary thinking; however, it’s important to keep them grounded when they float too high. 

In modern studies, they’re ruled by the planet Uranus, which is unpredictable and rebellious. In traditional astrology, they’re ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline. These polarizing attributes each color an Aquarian’s multilayered being. They don’t draw too far out the lines, like their Piscean zodiac neighbors, but they certainly aren’t all work and no play, like Virgos. 

Aquarius Men

Ambitious and innovative, an Aquarian man is always on the quest for the next wave. They’re in the know about the latest technology and are the go-to guides for the all the underground books, movies and music from the past, present and future. They’re usually the ones to have already been through it and moved on once it hits the mainstream. 

Air signs are notorious for being hard to pin down, and an Aquarius man is certainly no exception. This doesn’t mean that they’re incapable of commitment, however. It just means that they’re very particular about who and how. Don’t be surprised if they suggest trying out a relational structure that defies tradition, like an open relationship or polyamory

Aquarius Women

A rebel with an aversion for conformity, an Aquarius woman will do anything but what you expect of her. Whether it’s living a partnered yet unmarried life (like Oprah and her longtime partner, Stedman) or leading a revolution while proudly flaunting their funky outfit, it’d be a waste of time to guess their next move.

Aloof and at times detached, they can sometimes be interpreted as cold, though this certainly isn’t the case. Their beating hearts are as warm as the rest of us; however, they navigate life more methodically than emotionally, which can certainly be misread. They won’t waste any time crying over spoiled milk and don’t find small talk too fascinating.

Aquarius Compatibility

Whether platonic or romantic, engaging in any kind of relationship with an Aquarius means needing to accept them for who they are rather than trying to change them. It’s important to not only give them their space and time for solitude, but to allow them to be whatever expression of themselves they deem fit. Whether it’s purple hair and face tattoos or dressing in monochrome for a decade straight, an Aquarius thrives in a environment that feels safe for them to live in their truth. 

Aquarians tend to pair well with other open-minded signs that can explore ideas and theories with them, like Geminis and Sagittarius. Opposites also tend to attract, and sister sign Leo’s can bring out the inner child of an Aquarius, making them feel comfortable enough to share the spotlight. Signs that may have a tougher time meshing with an Aquarius are deeply emotional signs, like Pisces and Cancers. Aquarius can think through their feelings and compartmentalize them when need be, which can be difficult for a lover or friend who needs their emotions validated.  

All in all, an Aquarius is the most at ease when they are in their own company. This means that if they’re choosing to forfeit any ounce of their alone time to spend it with you, you’ve done something very right. 

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Famous Black Aquarians

Being that they’re the most unique and eccentric sign of the zodiac, no two Aquarians is ever like the other, and that’s certainly evident in this impressive catalog of black Aquarius celebrities and innovators. 

One thing these eclectic group of icons do share in common, however, is standing out in their professions and doing things against the current.