Okay, let’s be honest, how often do you clean your brushes, makeup sponges and tools? Once a week? Once a month? Not at all? Look, we’re not judging, we’ve all been there, and although cleaning your brushes may seem like a chore, your skin will thank you. 

"From sponges to powder puffs brushes, even when they are not in use they need to be sanitized and cleansed… Let's say you wear makeup three days out of the week, you would still need to wash and cleanse your face even when it’s bare. The same applies with brushes—treat them like skin," Hrush Achemyan, a Kardashian/Jenner go-to makeup artist told Elle

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Elle spoke to five celebrity makeup artists about their tips for cleaning their makeup tools to stay sanitary and keep their makeup looks pristine: 


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METHOD OF CHOICE: Soap and Water 

Scheppy has worked on the faces of the Kardashian/Jenner family, Lindsay Lohan and more. For quick cleans, he uses Parian Spirit's (https://www.amazon.com/Parian-Spirit-Professional-Makeup-Cleaner/dp/B00GNQ01HW) brush cleaner, and for deep cleans he uses a bar of unscented soap and hot water. After cleaning, he lies the brushes down and lets them air-dry. 


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METHOD OF CHOICE: Brush Cleanser

Another Kardashian/Jenner favorite, Achemyan suggests buying cleansing products that not only sanitize your brushes, but also condition the bristles in order to protect them. 

"Most breakouts or clogged pores come from dirty tools. Your tools kiss your face and skin, so you must make sure they are absolutely spotless. I use Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner for spot cleaning and sanitization. But I love the Japonesque brush cleanser because it is soooooo gentle on my brushes. Gentle on my brushes is gentle on my skin."




Moore, the hand behind faces such as Issa Rae, Mariah Carey and more, is conscious about passing bacteria between clients so to avoid that, he suggests cleaning/disinfecting brushes after every use. Moore deep cleans his brushes at least two to three times a week and he uses M.A.C. brush cleaner. 

For brushes with excessive build-up, he uses his own DIY solution to get the best clean he possibly can:

"I like to mix the MAC Brush Cleaner with coconut oil and Dawn soap. This is gets out all the tough stains… For Beauty Blenders and sponges, which can get really dirty and full of foundation, I use the Solid Cleanser by Beauty Blender as well as Dawn Disinfectant Soap—nothing works better than these. When cleaning tools like spoolies, eyelash curlers, and tweezers, I clean with soap and water and submerge in barbicide overnight."


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METHOD OF CHOICE: Brush Cleanser

Kris Jenner, Christina Aguilera, and Demi Lovato all have had the Ortega treatment and he keeps his beauty tools fresh by using Beauty Blender's cult-favorite Liquid Blendercleanser. 

"It always leaves them very crispy clean, not oily, and doesn’t ruin the brushes.”


PHOTO: Priscilla Ono

METHOD OF CHOICE: Brush Cleanser

When you work with stars like Rihanna, you have to make sure you come correct and Ono always comes correct! 

"I clean my brushes after EVERY SINGLE USE…  like to dip my brushes in Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner solution."

She makes sure each bristle is saturated in cleaner and proceeds to wipe the brush back and forth on a towel until the brush is clean. 

"Cinema Secrets brush cleaner not only cleanses and disinfects the brushes, it also conditions the hair on my brushes… I’ve had some brushes for over 13 years, and I know it’s because I clean them regularly."

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