Relationship, situationship… and now communicationship. Welcome to the modern world of dating. 

If you haven’t heard of the term ‘communicationship’ before, let us fill you in on everything you need to know about what it is – and most importantly, help decipher whether or not you’re currently in one. 

Here are the three signs of a ‘communicationship’. 

You constantly exchange calls and text messages.

A 'communiationship' can take form when you happen to meet someone new, who seems to be completely smitten with you. You exchange phone numbers and begin frequently texting and calling one another, and it seems like everything is just perfect. You both are being vulnerable with each out, sharing your interest, and being transparent with your emotions. But there’s just one thing… that’s all there is. 

You never actually hang out or go on dates.

Despite you both showing interest in each other, somehow you guys have never managed to meet up for a formal date or even to grab a quick coffee. Your relationship remains in the digital world, communicating through a screen – and for a moment, you even begin to overlook the fact that you guys haven’t been out together. The emotional and mental connection that you both have made becomes so strong that even through a screen you begin to ask yourself, ‘is this love?’. 

You end up feeling depleted and like the relationship is a complete waste of time.

The butterflies can only last for so long before things begin to get old. At this point, you’re probably about two or three months in (if it’s been longer, then this is your sign to run) and the excuses have continued to build, preventing you both from actually taking your relationship to the next level. You’re becoming frustrated and are yearning for a change. 

Here comes the ultimatum.

You decide to call your love interest out on their excuses and question them about why your relationship hasn’t developed beyond a screen. At this point, they’re more than likely to flip the matter on you and make it seem like you’re the reason that things haven’t progressed to the next level. 

But don’t fall for the guilt trip. Assert yourself and your needs. And if that person just can’t seem to give what you’re looking for, understand that it is now time to walk away. Sure you’ll lose a texting buddy, but understand that you’ll gain your sanity back. And believe us when we say, you’ll come to believe that that is way more worth it. 

As you move forward from your ‘communicationship’, try not to get down on yourself and remember to continue putting yourself out there. You’ve definitely learned from this situation what you don’t want, so now’s the time to get out there and get what you do want. 

You got this, girl.