You may notice that there are several types of personalities in the workplace. The “personality hire”, in particular, has various people on social media thinking about their real role in their companies.


one thing about her, she earns her keep

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TikTok user, Vienna Ayla, went viral for her spoof skit on the “personality hire.” In the video, the “personality hire” comes to check in on a presentation her team had been putting together. Stressed, her teammates say that they need an extension, but are scared to ask their boss. The “personality hire,” who seemingly did not work on the presentation, volunteered to call him and ask for the extension.

Through wit and charm, the “personality hire” was able to easily get their team’s presentation moved back another week. Then, she left the office to meet the boss for coffee and discuss his daughter’s new role in a school play.

This viral video caught the attention of social media users who navigate the corporate world. Are you the “personality hire”? While the term might sound ambiguous, understanding your role in the broader context of workplace archetypes can provide valuable insight into your career.

Unveiling the “Personality Hire”

Being the “personality hire” doesn’t diminish professional capabilities. Undoubtedly, it highlights the significance of your unique qualities beyond your professional skill set. Employers recognize the value of individuals who bring positive energy, effective communication, and a team-oriented spirit to the workplace. If colleagues often seek your input on team-building activities, or you find yourself at the heart of workplace social events, you might be the “personality hire.”

Are You Another Type of Workplace Personality?

The Strategist: Mastermind Behind the Scenes

On the flip side is the strategist. This individual excels at long-term planning, problem-solving, and meticulous execution. If you’re satisfied mapping out intricate plans and steering projects toward success, you might be the strategist. Colleagues likely turn to you for your strategic insight and meticulous attention to detail.

The Innovator: Embracing Change and Creativity

Innovation is the heartbeat of progress, and the workplace is no exception. The innovator thrives on creativity, and constantly bring fresh ideas to the table. If you’re the go-to person for brainstorming sessions, and have adorned your desk with countless sticky notes, congratulations you’re the innovator.

The Mentor: Guiding Lights and Nurturing Talent

Every workplace benefits from the presence of a mentor. Often, less experienced workers look to those with more wisdom and experience to guide them. If helping colleagues develop their skills, providing advice, and fostering a positive learning environment bring you joy, then you embody the traits of a mentor. Additionally, your influence extends beyond tasks. You help shape the professional growth of those around you.

The Executor: Getting the Job Done

Last but not least is the executor. This personality is known for efficiency, productivity, and a results-oriented mindset. Do your colleagues appreciate your ability to meet deadlines, gracefully handle pressure, and consistently deliver high-quality work? If so, you are the executor. You are the driving force ensuring projects reach completion successfully.

Embrace Your Archetype

Identifying your workplace archetype isn’t about fitting into a mold. On the contrary, it’s a tool for self-reflection and understanding. Embrace your strengths, acknowledge areas for growth, and leverage your unique qualities to meaningfully contribute to your team.

Remember, a harmonious workplace is a blend of diverse personalities working together towards a common goal. Whether you’re the “personality hire,” strategist, innovator, mentor, or executor, you play a vital role in fostering a collaborative work environment. Celebrate your uniqueness! Continue to evolve your strengths and leave a mark on your workplace.