It’s Aries season which means it’s time for your flame emoji, first-place, bold-lipped Aries bestie to get to celebrating. If you haven’t guessed, Aries is the sign you don’t play games with. They know what they want, and usually already bought it for themselves. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries natives exude first-born energy and are natural initiators. They’re cool. This fire-sign is pretty easy to please once you come through with intention, loyalty and lots of energy. But let’s be clear, there is no one way to please an Aries. Even still, the key to most of their hearts is by paying attention even in the midst of their intense lifestyles and personalities. 

Here are a few fun gift ideas that may keep your Aries friend in high spirits all through Aries season. 

Aries season gift ideas

Shine bright like a diamond 

POV: Your bestie makes supporting Black, women-owned brands day in and day out look easy, and is very loud about it. A loyal Aries knows how to show up for Black, women-owned businesses and Fenty really is an easy brand to fall in love with. Also, don’t try to dull an Aries’ shine. They’re competitive and all about making the impossible look flawless. Nothing screams flawless like this Fenty Beauty lip gloss. It’s a best-seller and suits several skin shades. The shea butter in the gloss formula means lips shimmer and are also well-nourished. Only the best for your friend who probably unsubtly dropped the hint that they’re in need of a makeup re-up anyway. 

Underwear for a Savage bestie 

Fenty again because your bestie knows what they like and they truly are one of the most savage of the zodiac. Aries is all about unlocking new levels of confidence. So, it only makes sense that you gift (and probably add to the growing collection) of Savage X Fenty goods. We’d opt for this unlined lace Savage X Fenty bra. The floral pattern screams femininity and the blazing orange is perfect for a daring bestie like yours. The color also gives a gorgeous touch of color to all underwear too. Never bought underwear or lingerie for your friend? Fear not. Your bestie is bold and will appreciate that you see they’re not afraid to express their sexy side often. 

Immediate memory-maker

Is your Aries bestie really your bestie if they’re not forcing you to make memories and have nights you’ll remember forever? Always in the thick of the fun, an Aries companion is all about living in the moment. Since they’re not about to wait around for anyone, an instax camera suits their fast-paced mentality. It might be the best way to briefly interrupt the fun for a pic. Your impatient and sentimental friend may find heaven in this vintage instant camera.  The one-touch selfie feature makes it even easier to enjoy photography without switching lenses.

Travel somewhere for the first time, Aries style  

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

Your traveling Aries bestie likely never needs a push to hop on a flight to somewhere new. They also rarely flop on the group trip. So, a travel gift may be just what they need to start their birthday right. An Airbnb voucher allows for enough flexibility for your fire-sign friend to impulsively book a flight to a new destination. Whether they choose to use their Airbnb credit on staying somewhere unusual or on an Airbnb experience, they’ll make the most of it. There’s no rush either since the Airbnb vouchers never expire.

Statement making sunglasses

Photo Courtesy of Dior

For all the shade, we like these signature Dior sunglasses to match your bestie’s big personality. It gives iconic and at the same time, a little embellished. If you grew up with your Aries bestie, you probably saw their limit-pushing fashion throughout the years. These glasses, with their bold but simple colors and classic look, give your bestie just that hint of drama.

The leader of the group needs to take it easy too sometimes

Aries know how to stay busy. Ever noticed how your Aries bestie is always down for, well, pretty much anything? Be it a good time or downtime, they know how to be leaders and they love hard. We recommend showing them some love and gifting them an opportunity to sit down and rest. This Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat is a great way to gift rest. The shiatsu massage is calming and is great for prompting rest on busy days. It even comes with a heated mode to warm toes on unbearably cold nights. What better way to remind your favorite Aries that they’re fabulous and just enough on off days too?

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