Jilly from Philly is done playing silly when it comes to her heart. The actress and acclaimed singer finalized her divorce from her ex-husband, Michael Dobson, in August and since then she has been taking steps to live her life like it’s “Golden.”

In an Instagram post captioned: “For you. For me. For US. Love You. #beenontheotherside #fdatsht#yourtime #dontwasteit,” Scott reposted a list entitled “5 Ways to ‘NOT BE USED.’” At one time or another, we have all “played the fool,” however, with these five things in mind we can avoid the next storm.

As shown above, the five steps indicated on the handwritten list are:

1. Believe patterns not apologies 

2. Don’t fall in love with potential 

3. Believe all “red flags” 

4. Know your worth

5. Don’t lower your standards

Overall, don’t settle, sis! You are worth more than “good enough.”

Scott went on to post another list of who she will not tolerate for her next romance chapter in a comment underneath the initial post:

“Note – Your standards are not everyone else’s,” she added in a caption. “I won’t do Uncle Daddies – the ones that call every now and then; who see their children a few times a year. THAT is one I just don’t respect. Lack of respect is a dry bobby. I prefer a juicy existence. Ya dig? Or someone who is disrespectful to their parents. Nor can I do broke/broken yet comfortable. Nah. Write YOUR list. Sometimes it’s better to know what you don’t want.”

And if you even try to step to her incorrect… nah.  

Jill Scott Eyeroll GIF

PHOTO: Giphy

We can learn a lot from Auntie Jill’s repost and list of “nahs.” Ladies, what’s your list looking like?

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