More and more people are turning toward holistic approaches to better understand themselves.

Auras are the energies illuminating from a person that reflect their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

“It’s almost like a vibrant tapestry woven from a person’s light, darkness, emotions and thoughts,” psychic, Aycee Brown, said.

Brown focuses on astrology, human design and numerology. She says auras are a gateway to discovering a person’s identity and authenticity while also promoting healing. Holistic practitioners use auras as a form of energy therapy. Healers work to balance the energies and emotions of the body during energy therapy sessions. By doing so, practitioners help remove blockages and provide clarity. Healing can be done through psychic mediums, reiki, acupuncture, massages and more. Unlike zodiac signs, aura readings give insight into the present instead of the future.

What Are The Benefits Of An Aura Reading?

The main benefit of aura readings is that people discover their true identity in the present moment. After receiving an interpretation of the colors, practitioners can provide guidance to help people embrace who they are.

“Aura readings can be a cosmic mirror for reflecting what a person might not be consciously aware of,” she said. “It’s a nudge toward understanding certain parts of one’s identity.”

Brown described the experience as a conversation starter about the human self and its soul. Working with an intuitive healer brings awareness to where and what progress can be made to live a more fulfilling life.

What Does An Aura Reading Look Like?

Aura readings have grown in popularity, and photography provides a visual representation of that energy. Photographers use a special camera that shows a physical representation of auras through colors. Unlike an average photo, this image will have several colors beaming around its subject.

What Is The Meaning Behind Aura Colors?

Each person is different, so the interpretation of aura colors varies. Practitioners explain the meanings of colors and provide insights into the reflecting energies. More than one color can appear in the image. Some shades are also more vibrant than others.

“The intuition can perceive different hues in auras,” Brown explained. “Red might equal unprocessed anger. While green might mean there is unhealed jealousy or a need for leadership right now. Aura readings aren’t about fixing you. They’re about self-discovery.”

These colors change over time, but color charts can help explain the current meanings. 

Red: well-grounded, energetic, strong-willed 

Orange: adventurous, thoughtful, considerate 

Yellow: creative, relaxed, friendly,

Green: social, communicator, nurturing

Blue: intuitive, spiritual, free thinker

Indigo: curious, spiritually connected, gentle

Violet: wise, intellectual independent

What Makes Aura Readings Different From Personality Tests?

Aura readings have been linked to personality tests, but Brown doesn’t agree with this comparison. While she recognizes that both can be tools for understanding, she points out that aura readings dig deeper into the soul. 

“Your personality test is how you respond to the world around you,” Brown told 21Ninety. “The aura reading is who you actually are.”

What Are The Best Ways To Find A Practitioner?

Metaphysical shops provide tools, items and services related to spiritual and holistic practices. Brown says word of mouth and hearing about experiences from trusted individuals may also help lead people to a practitioner. No matter how you find someone, Brown says to make sure to follow your intuition while on the quest for healing.