Ashley Nash

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Ashley Nash is a SEO Writer at Blavity. A lover of storytelling, she started off as a freelance writer covering local news for newspapers throughout Los Angeles. She then went on to pursue her masters in journalism from the USC Annenberg School. During the summer of her first year, she interned at Cape Community Newspapers in South Africa where she covered breaking news, art and culture. She returned home, graduated and found herself wanting to travel more, leading her to take on a role in the Bay Area. There, she worked in tech and marketing while continuing to freelance as a writer and photographer covering social justice. She desired a full-time role that would allow her to continue exploring her interests in social justice, identity and beauty while pursuing other avenues of content production. A stint in copywriting, back home in Los Angeles, only strengthened her desire to produce stories both written and visual. So, she pursued and accepted the opportunity to work as a Story Hunter with Vox Media, where she produced and directed short videos for B2C brands. When the pandemic hit and companies loosened their restrictions around schedule and location, Ashley saw this as another chance to travel. She decided to move to the most coveted of her desired destinations: New York City. The writer-creative and apparent traveler continued to story hunt, producing and directing videos for Okta, Victoria’s Secret and Zoom. She also continued to freelance as a writer and photographer adding makeup artist and model to her budding repertoire. Her 11-year span of work has appeared in Blavity, AFROPUNK, CRWN Magazine, Madame Noire, Carefree, Teen Vogue, Italian Vogue, HuffPost, Access Hollywood and Wear Your Voice Magazine. She now lives in Los Angeles with her fiance’, daughter and family. Ashley is happy to return to the editorial space, viewing it as a homecoming. When she isn’t mothering or spending time with family, Ashley is helping people write, recording podcast episodes, editing her website, TikToking, thrift-shopping, enjoying cute cafes and eateries. Her website is and her handle on all socials is @itsashnash. I adhere to the highest benchmarks for ethical integrity and accuracy in journalism as outlined in The 21Ninety editorial policy.