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TeeJay Small is an SEO writer for Blavity Inc. & its associated brands, with a focus on pop culture, current events, and entertainment news. His work has appeared in a number of publications across the web, including HotNewHipHop, Giant Freakin' Robot, Mashed, and more. When he's not constructing load-bearing sentences for his comedy column or furiously scribbling rewrites for his television pilot you can find him binge-watching The Sopranos (again) or listening to all the latest underground hip hop releases. TeeJay received his bachelor's degree in English/Communications from UMASS Boston in 2020, and has been writing comedy and web-content professionally ever since. If you see him on the street, be sure to ask about his terrible tattoos, or his dream of exploring Antarctica. TeeJay has also: -Released a YouTube video with over a million views -Featured as the top comedy writer on Fiverr -Been yelled at by Michael J. Fox To keep up to date with his work, check out https://linktr.ee/teejaysmall