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Dr. Diana Rangaves is a Blavity author who writes on health and wellness, sexual health, travel, lifestyle, science, beauty, fashion, and entertainment. Diana is an authority specialist willing to create content on various topics. She has published works in various settings, including children's picture books, medical and pharmaceutical publications, academic books, and scholarly articles. She is an excellent educator, award-winning instructor, and business professional; a pharmacist, philanthropist, and ethics professor turned writer. She served as Executive Editor and Chief Content Officer for Healthcare Worldwide Central, a digital magazine. Diana holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco. Ms. Rangaves is a PapHavenRescue.org foster mom who resides in California with her dogs and pasture creatures in their forever home. · She is an experienced, certified authoritativeness, and trusted professional ghostwriter. · Founder of Clinical Consultant Service and DianaRangaves.com · Founding Clinical Director for the ARISE Africa Foundation in Nigeria. · Won the Faculty Fund for Advanced Studies Award. · Won the Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation Grant Award. Follow Dr. Diana @dianarangaves.com on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and on Amazon Author Central. I adhere to the highest benchmarks for ethical integrity and accuracy in journalism as outlined in The 21Ninety editorial policy.