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Modi Kuti is the result of when an empowerment agent melds with a powerful net worker. A modern day wife, mother to bliss, cook, story teller, over-analyzer, sometimes humorous, music lover, bad-dieter, exercise-doer, straight-laced, God fearing, and a dope inspiration of a positive lifestyle - just to name a few things that make Modi Kuti. Modi dedicates her time and love to empowering and motivating women. Her platform is based on encouraging and inspiring women to pursue self-confidence and authenticity in life. Her journey started over 10 years ago with the idea of bringing women together to a safe haven where they are able to express themselves with no judgment and no fear. Building on her passion for sharing knowledge, Modi is now preparing to pen her first cook book. Modi is constantly seeking fresh ideas, working on new projects, and making strong connections. She has worked and collaborated with many well established local and international brands. An avid reader, Modi spends her weekends with her husband and three young boys doing what most women do-“Have Fun” with family.

How I Broke The Habit Of Comparing Myself To Others

byModi Kuti