Shaquanna Chappelle

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As an Image Coach, Shaquanna helps the everyday woman cultivate her inner confidence while enhancing her signature image and style. From the ambitious woman excelling in her career or business to the on-the-go mother rediscovering her true identity, Shaquanna believes in the value of self-love and empowers all women to identify their authentic self while redefining an image that will leave a lasting impression. Shaquanna specializes in assessing a woman’s style and coaching them on how to create their own signature image in a straightforward and uplifting approach. She also provides valuable body language and communication techniques that are used to strengthen a woman’s personal brand. Shaquanna labels herself as a Confidence Enthusiast, where her goal is to empower women on their journey to self- acceptance. Her mission is accomplished if ONE woman walks away with the confidence, style, and poise needed to achieve their goals and dreams.

What To Wear To Summit21

byShaquanna Chappelle