Ayesha Curry is sharing candid revelations as Insider’s May cover star.

The entrepreneur says she’s found balance by stepping away from the spotlight, including social media, and starting therapy. During the pandemic, Curry and her family were in their own private bubble. It was a change from the “revolving door all the time,” she explained in the interview. Thus, her decision to step away and heal. Now Curry is focusing on her charity work and lifestyle company, Sweet July. The company serves as a platform to uplift fellow Black and women-owned small businesses.

“It’s cliché at this point, but representation does matter,” she shares. “If I have the opportunity to uplift another person’s business that looks like me or comes from the same background as me, I’m all for it.” 

“Red Table Talk” Regrets

In the Insider interview slams Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk” for making her “sound crazy.” The cooking TV personality says she wasn’t a fan of how they depicted her during her 2019 episode. Curry joined Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne “Gammy” Banfield-Norris alongside some of her own family members for an honest conversation about mental health. But Curry admits she was unhappy with the final edit of her episode.

During her “Red Table Talk” sit down, she admitted to having anxiety about the amount of female attention that is directed at her NBA-star husband, Steph Curry.

The show was canceled last month when Facebook ended all of its original programming. Red Table Talk executives say they are are currently looking for a new home for the show.

Motherhood and the Public Eye

When Curry decided to step away from the public eye, she didn’t do it alone. She also pulled back on how much she was sharing about her three children. She told Insider she regrets overexposing her oldest daughter, Riley, on social media. Curry would bring Riley on the road with her to Steph’s games and Riley’s adorable, impromptu actions would often make headlines.

“When the social media thing started, nobody knew what that was going to become,” she said. “If we had known back in the day just how chaotic it would make life, I don’t think we would’ve done it. But we were just genuinely living our lives back then. And we thought, ‘This is our kid. We’re bringing our kid along.'” 

Curry realized she wanted her kids to have a childhood. None of the children have social media accounts or cell phones. She wanted to protect her kids from what they could see online about their parents. However, she is aware that the choices she is making for her children now are only temporary.

“I’m trying to be as normal as possible, but every day we wake up, and there’s a new school shooting, a new attack,” she said. “Every time I pull up to their school for drop-off, I’m looking at the entrance, I’m looking at the exit, I’m looking around.” 

The Food Network star says she’s found a middle ground when it comes to technology and her kids.

“I think we’ve settled on doing an Apple watch,” she says. “‘Cause apparently, with the Apple watch, you can still make calls.”

Finding Balance With Her Husband

In 2021, the Curry’s celebrated their 10th anniversary. They renewed their vows in a surprise ceremony that Riley officiated. Before the anniversary celebration, she sat down with ET to talk about the teamwork and support they both put into their marriage.

“We’ve grown up together in every sense of the word,” she said. “My support is his support, and vice versa. It’s like we hold each other up. We hold each other accountable. And when I have those days where I feel like I want to give up, he is always there to be like, ‘Nope! Put on your clothes.'”