Many fans on social media are still mourning the death of Jacky Oh. The mother of three died last week for reasons still not revealed to the public. B. Simone, a friend of Jacky Oh’s, is no stranger to online controversy. Now the comedian is facing criticism for sharing a link to sign-up for her Instagram close friends which is behind a paywall.

In the post to her Instagram stories, Simone mentioned that “during this time” followers wouldn’t see much content from her unless they paid to do so. Many people took her word choice of “during this time” to mean while she mourns Jacky Oh’s death. The post included a link to pay to access her close friends.

“Thank you for being a safe space,” B.Simone wrote to end the note.

Social Media vs. B. Simone

All over social media fans are sharing their think pieces on the situation.

“Your friend just died and now, you’re advertising an opportunity for the public to PAY you to be in your close friends under the guise of seeing you grieve and not what it really is: you using a messed up moment as a money grab,” one user wrote.

While there were many who agreed that the comedian was attempting to capitalize off her friend’s death, there were others who believe that what she did wasn’t a big of a deal. Those people pointed to the fact that B.Simone often promotes her close friends.

“Y’all be loud & wrong – I listen to her podcast & her & Megan have BEEN promoting their Close friends prior to this, because it’s pretty much a motivational Book Club, there’s a book everyone reads & then they do Zoom Calls every so often, face to face discuss grieving the passing of a friend, especially something like what happened, is a spiritual journey & moment, but again I wanna be clear – they BEEN promoting their close friends,” a user tweeted.

Jacky Oh was the partner of comedian DC Young Fly. The two shared three children.