When one of your best girlfriends is a bride-to-be, it’s time to decide how she will be celebrated. Maybe it’s a weekend getaway with a night out or a local celebration with her family. In any case, choosing the right games will make all the difference in whether the bride has a good time. You might need to test the waters early on in the day as the more adult games may not align with the reserved.

And still, good times can be had no matter the combination of folks attending the bachelorette party. Traditionally, games have ranged from “Pin the Kiss” (on the groom or celebrity crush) to “everyone’s too tired (or buzzed) to go on so let’s share feelings about our loved one”. Here’s our list of old, new, indoor and outdoor bachelorette games. 

Fun Bachelorette Games

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Before we jump into the games, creating some memorabilia around this special day/weekend will add to the memory. Think about getting shirts that have your bride-to-be’s name on it along with “Bachelorette Party” and the date. You could even go so far as getting pajamas for the bunch if a sleepover is in order. Make sure everyone has on something comfy and fun to build some camaraderie before playful competition. Now that you’re ready for bingo, the pieces to mark each square could range from mini-margaritas to tiny penises. Depends on how far you want to go and what’s your BTB’s definition of a good time. Once the cards, that can be purchased on Amazon, Etsy or Zazzle, and pieces are passed out, be ready to yell out those numbers and letters while throwing in a related joke or two.

Make it fun and be sure to have a good time yourself! This game will also prepare you for “How Well Do You Know The Bride?” In this game, you can devise a list of questions based on the ultra-accessible online tests (via Google or Pinterest) or create a list based on memories shared with the group in front of you. They can recall memories over the span of the bride’s life that the family observed and that she shared with the close friends sitting in front of you. This might bring up emotion from joy and pride to embarrassment and relief. Be ready for the tears and the laughs. 

Truth or Drink

Now this is where the truths come to be shared and kept secret. Nothing said here needs to make it into a maid of honor or bridesmaid speech. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, Truth or Drink opens the floor up for hilarious moments that people either know of or will be surprised by. And the ones where the bride-to-be decides to drink may make it out of her with a unified demand from the other ladies present. You could even have the women in attendance drink or not drink according to what’s the truth and have her reveal after. Once everyone’s laughed until they’ve cried and been shocked into giggles and stares, it’s time to bring out the panties. Not your own! The pair that you purchased for your bride-to-be that you think captures her energy.

Whether that’s the energy of the night or what she likes to wear on a regular basis, have one of the ladies take each pair out of their prospective bags and let the BTB rate them eventually choosing a winner. 

Popular Bachelorette Games

Somehow, veggies have made their way into a bachelorette party. This is a time for your favorite and perhaps not-so-healthy snacks, but we’ll let it slide. Especially since these cucumbers won’t be for eating. As far as games go, there’s “Throw The Ring to the Cucumber” (TTRTTC) and “Hot Cucumber.” For TTRTTC, you’ll need to cut one end of the cucumber so that it can stand on a flat surface. Then you’ll five or so rings for each competitor. Whether with one hand behind their back or under a time constraint, have them toss the rings to the cucumber in an effort of getting it over the top of it. And once that’s built up some additional camaraderie and competitive edge, split the group into teams and time their ability to move cucumbers around a circle by only passing it between each other’s legs. No hands or mouths involved. 

Now that your bride’s mind is on her groom’s cucumber, which it probably has been since the top of the night, gather some questions about their and get ready for some heartwarming and hilarious answers. If she’s in the mood for being tested, send those same questions to the groom ahead of time so that you can do a fun comparison of their answers. 

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

If after a night in, your bridge is in need of a night out, the games don’t need to stop. With the help of your party, create a list of actions to complete before the night is over. The person with the most points can win a drink or a prize. Items on the list can include “take a photo with a stranger” or “do a shot with a stranger”. Each action has a different point amount and adding a timed element to it could increase the fun. Be sure to pack your phones and possibly a few disposable cameras. This part of the festivities is for memories, too.