1. We women cannot be boxed into one single category. If you don’t know, now you know. Our duality expands beyond the barriers of any (preconceived) notion of what a woman should be. This truth is embodied by the Black-owned clothing brand, Bad Girl, Good Human

Founder, Orixa Jones, created Bad Girl, Good Human after listening to her intuition to achieve longevity, purpose and something bigger than herself. 

Our mantra; your reminder. she can be both bad + good, at the same time — all the time. she doesn’t have to leave one for the other. her duality is what makes her special. it’s what people look up to her for, what draws attention, and what keeps them interested.

Check out some Bad Girl, Good Human merch below.

To learn more about Orixa Jones and Bad Girl, Good Human, visit the website here.

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