As we are starting to embark on what I like to call “brick” weather, this means our closets are going to need a little bit more than just a pair of gloves, but no need to fret! We’ve got you covered with all of the right and wrong ways to style one of this season’s most highly adored materials, The Teddy silhouette. 

From Teddy bags, scarves, and even shoes, rest assured that you’re in safe hands when it comes to styling this ultra-comfy material like you never left the comfort of your bed. 

The Do’s 

Always pair teddy materials with the same color palette as your outfit 

When rocking teddy coats, scarves, bags, or shoes, it’s critical that your color palette matches all the rest. 

Be sure to layer up with other materials 

Whether you’re wearing faux leather or cashmere, the key to rocking the perfect outfit lies with mixing and matching patterns. Wearing too many fur-like materials can give off the wrong look whereas wearing a variety of other textures can provide the balance you’re looking for. 

It’s okay to go full-on cozy just make sure you don’t look like you just hopped out of bed 

One of the reasons why I love teddy materials is because you can wear them with a comfy loungewear set and hop out of the door. It’s again, all a matter of balance of how you wear this style to the point where it doesn’t just look like you've hopped out of bed. Maybe try adding a cute leather bootie and some jewelry to take your teddy coat fit up a few notches. You won't regret it! 

The Dont’s 

Don’t overdo it 

One of the biggest mistakes I see when rocking teddy materials is by overdoing it. Try not to opt in for a teddy hat, coat, scarf, and a pair of pants that are the same material. Try spicing it up a bit! 

Don’t overwash your fit with prints and styles that just don’t match

It’s easy for us to get carried away when it comes to wearing a plethora of different styles, colors, and materials, however, you don’t want to look like you just threw everything on in your closet. 

The Teddy should really be your staple piece 

When wearing teddy materials, they should really become your statement piece rather than becoming your entire outfit! If you’re looking for a teddy coat in particular, try pairing that with something more subtle underneath so that your coat stands out more than the rest. 

Here are a few places we’re currently loving to shop any and all teddy coat materials. Again, just make sure you style them the right way! 

Where And What We’re Shopping 

1) The Flattered Nina Teddy Ballet Flat 

2) The Overszied Sherpa Trench 

3) The Teddy Cap 

4) Teddy Bear Effect Stole 

5) Teddy Jogger and Sweatshirts