Two weeks ago, following Elon Musk’s ascension as the new CEO of Twitter, the tech billionaire began a company-wide layoff of 50% of its workforce- leaving 3,700 staffers unemployed and without work.

Ever since, there has been community-wide concern over a variety of social media platforms regarding what’s next within the tech industry, especially within the scope of what’s next for fashion.

In an effort to rebel against Musk’s Twitter takeover, the luxury fashion house, Balenciaga, recently announced in an ever-so-silent way, that they’re done with the platform.

The brand recently deleted its Twitter account following Musk’s new role, and is the first fashion house to openly no longer support the brand.

And though social media has previously been on an ever-ascending roller coaster, recent events have started to prove otherwise.

In addition to Musk’s company-wide layoff movement, Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Meta, formerly known as Facebook, recently made one of the biggest company-wide layoffs in the brand’s recent history. Zuckerburg’s layoff plan resulted in over 11,000 job cuts across the company board, leaving many in the tech industry unemployed and figuring out what’s next for them and their families.

Musk is making all verified users pay for their blue checks, causing a rift between celebrities and the new CEO.

Prior to Musk’s role as CEO, he had big plans for the platform, though many users did not see what was coming for them.

One of Musk’s radical decisions includes making all verified users pay for their blue checks for $8 a month, which he has now decided to officially make a reality.

Celebrities across the platform have expressed concern over Musk’s recent decision to further monetize the platform for the wealthy, leaving average consumers in a chokehold.

In addition to Balenciaga’s departure from the platform, celebrities such as Toni Braxton, Whoopi Goldberg, and Shonda Rhimes are a few who’ve had enough of Musk’s personal agenda.


Twitter employees recently announced that they are being forced to work 84 hour work weeks

According to Hypebae, current Twitter employees have announced that they are now being forced to work 84-hour work weeks following Musk’s Twitter ascension.

“Most recently, Twitter employees announced that they were being forced to work 84 hours a week and that many of the workforce had been laid off as a result of Musk’s changes, only adding to users’ concerns,” said Hypebae.

Balenciaga, Dyson, and General Motors have suspended their ad campaigns.

In addition to Balenciaga, Dyson and General Motors have suspended their ad campaigns on the platform. 

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