As avid beach enthusiasts know, there are some limitations when it comes to beachwear especially after countless seaside outings. While a bikini and cover-up serve as staples in beach attire, it’s the accessories that elevate the look and add variety. To capture the quintessential Instagram-worthy beach moments, 21Ninety has curated a selection of essential beach accessories sure to enhance your Boho look. From delicate waist beads to chic sunglasses, stylish beach hats, and beyond, these accessories promise to complete your seaside ensemble with effortless flair.

What Are Beachwear Accessories?

Beachwear accessories are the essential finishing touches that elevate the allure of your simple bikini or cover-up ensemble. Whether you’re channeling the laid-back Caribbean vibe or the effortlessly chic SoCal boho aesthetic, 21Ninety suggests embracing a selection of key pieces. From ankle bracelets to statement arm cuffs, stylish beach hats and crocheted knitwear, these accessories effortlessly encapsulate the essence of beachside elegance.

Best Necklace

Mykonos Necklace

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When elevating beachwear, why not draw inspiration directly from the beach? Whether adorned with pearls, seashells, or stones, necklaces offer a literal interpretation of the boho aesthetic and effortlessly complement any swimsuit. While seashell necklaces have evolved beyond the iconic Puka shell necklace of the early 2000s, these modern iterations infuse a touch of glamour with polished or gold hardware, making them an ideal accessory for beachside chic.

Best Ankle

MIDEEO Gold/Sliver Ankle Bracelets

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Ankle bracelets offer a subtle yet sparkling way to elevate your basic bikini ensemble. However, it’s worth noting that marine biologists caution against wearing anklets and bracelets in the sea, as they can inadvertently attract sea animals. Despite this, they still make for an adorable addition to any on-land Instagram post.

Best Chain Belt

Glamorstar Chain Belts

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Boring solid bikini? Spice it up with a chained belt. A more stylish design is a great alternative to beachwear accessories like waterproof belts and fanny packs. This Glamorstar Chain Belt not only has gold emblems hanging off the chain, adding dimension to your body, but is also adjustable and comes in many sizes.

Best Skirt Cover Up

Mango Crochet Flower Mini Skirt

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Mango

Cover-ups are the easiest way to spruce up your bathing suit. Whether it’s something you wear to a beach party or before or after you get into the water. They are a great way to transition beachwear into a complete outfit. This Mango Crochet Flower Mini Skirt offers a more form-fitting approach to a cover-up skirt compared to popular wrap skirts.

Best Beach Bag

KALIDI Beach Mesh Tote Bag

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Beach bags are equally great accessories for your beach outfit. You probably want to avoid getting sand and seawater in your everyday bag. A woven or mesh bag also brings the beach aesthetic to life. It’s cute, functional, and easy to wash.

Best Waist Beads

Toffie Shop ZURI Waist Beads

Photo Courtesy of Toffie Shop

Waist beads are a classic go-to accessory for the beach. You may be wary of wearing actual jewelry because it’s expensive or you’re afraid of losing it. Waist beads are perfect because they rarely slip off or get dirty. If you’re looking for cultural waist beads straight from Ghana, then Toffie Shop offers an array that vary in color and size. They are also stackable, adding a bit of flair to your standard bikini.

Best Dress Cover Up

Aerie Crochet Halter Midi Dress

Photo Courtesy of Aerie

While a knit skirt is nice, some people might be looking for something a bit more full coverage. The Aerie Crochet Halter Midi Dress provides full coverage support as a cover-up that is appropriate yet breathable for any environment.

Best Sunglasses

Quay Coffee Run Sunglasses

Photo Courtesy of Quay

Sunglasses are a must at the beach, not only for style but also for eye protection. Quay glasses are renowned for their protective and thick lenses designed to shield against harmful UVA and UVB rays. They are ideal for extended hours at the beach.

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