Raye Boyce has amassed a following of over two million people across social media, with her honest and relatable personality and her mastery of makeup. The beauty vlogger, best known as YouTube channel ItsMyRayeRaye, began sharing her love of makeup when she was still a teenager. Since then, she’s become a virtual makeup coach to her YouTube audience of 1.9 million and a source of empowerment for women across the country. Managed by sociaLebs, Boyce has gained sponsorships and collaborations with brands like Pantene, Mac Cosmetics and Makeup Forever. 

As a makeup advocate, Boyce believes that fashion and beauty can impact a woman’s life for the better. “It’s a beautiful way to express yourself and show people who you are without saying a word,” she shares in an exclusive interview with me. She also believes that makeup can improve a woman’s mood and confidence, something she says she’s experienced for herself. “I know when I feel down or unmotivated, just simply doing my makeup and putting a cute outfit on, gives me the motivation to be productive throughout the day.”

Photo: Juan Veloz

When asked about the negative stigma that women face for wearing makeup, Boyce declares that the shaming is absolutely ridiculous. “People should let people live their lives!” she proclaims, “Makeup doesn’t hurt anyone. If anything, it helps people feel better about themselves on a daily. For some people, makeup is an escape. Why would anyone want to take that from someone?”

Here are a few tips for women who struggle with everyday beauty blunders, according to Boyce. 

When fighting with breakouts, and makeup is still a necessity, apply acne fighting serum on top of the blemish before applying makeup, so it can heal while you’re slaying in your makeup.

Photo: Juan Veloz

When you want your skin to have a natural glow, do no use too much powder. I suggest using a foundation that doesn’t have a matte finish, but maybe a dewy or velvet finish and lightly set it. No baking.

Photo: Juan Veloz

Your favorite lipstick doesn’t leave your lips soft enough to give a goodnight kiss to bae — make sure you exfoliate and moisturize those babies before you apply that lipstick. They will stay smooth all night

Photo: Juan Veloz

In an effort to continue to evolve in the ever-changing beauty industry, Boyce admits that sometimes it can become difficult to stay inspired. “Sometimes I have to step back and take a break from everything to reboot myself,” she reveals to me, “I think that’s something we need to do with anything in life." 

When asked how beauty and fashion has impacted her life for the better, Boyce says she’s grateful that’s it’s given her the best job ever and a chance to be a part of an amazing community. And with new makeup on the way, it’s clear she’s not letting up anytime soon.

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