How many of you have entered the New Year with a bucket list of resolutions along with the rest of the ones you had in the previous year? What kept you from completing them? Was it lack of time? Was it lack of motivation and resources? Or, was it fear itself? If you are worried about carrying that same behavior and mindset into 2019, I have just two words to help you: Africa Miranda

Not only was 42-year-old Miranda the breakout star on Bravo TV’s reality television series The New Atlantabut she is also the host on the popular lifestyle talk show on Facebook Watch's The Africa Miranda Show.

Born in Boston and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, this powerhouse beautypreneur, actress, and model has solidified her spot as one of the most on demand influencers in the beauty and digital media industries. With more than ten years in the game, all of her successes comes with its own list of challenges, which she discusses in her latest book titled Step Up, Step Out, And ShineIn her book, Miranda shares her experiences and lessons as a Black woman—and the results of standing in her truth and living in her purpose.

Being a woman of many talents, you can say that Miranda isn’t someone you could place inside the box. She is often admired for her charismatic personality, attention-grabbing style, and wit, but what many don’t realize is the work she does behind the scenes to create and expand her business and legacy. “Reality television truly opened doors for me,” Miranda stated. “I booked national commercials, films, brand partnerships, but it was the period after reality television that hit me the hardest.”

Her book focuses on periods in her life where she succumbed to the self-doubt and negative self-talk that often left her feeling powerless. Each chapter presents a message to help guide readers on learning what it takes to create the life they desire. “The show ended after one season. I left Atlanta and went back to New York to take my career to the next level,” said Miranda. “I had to start over and re-establish myself.”

In 2015, after a few months of the hustle and bustle in the concrete jungle, audition opportunities started to slowly die down and so did the income. “I really had to find a way to have some level of control over my career, I didn't want to be a talent and be chosen,” Miranda explained. “I love connecting with people, I love public speaking so I figured social media would be a great way to do that.”

With the use of the live-streaming app Periscope, she shared tips on the "do’s and don’ts" of booking auditions to giving beauty advice. She quickly grew a large following which opened more doors for her. “I had put my ego to the side and push past the hurt of rejection. I was impatient and let myself take things personally,” Miranda said. “My personal mantra is that people shouldn’t have to find you under a rock. Put yourself out there. Be vocal and clear about what you want. Social media was my tool. It was free and an unfiltered way to get your message into the universe. Periscope was my foundation.”

By November 2016, she launched her own skincare line Beauty by African Miranda — a collection of “curated products inspired by her international travels.” Miranda created a line that would give women quality at accessible prices. “After becoming an ambassador for many brands, I felt it was time for me to start my own,” Miranda said. “I love accessible glamour. I’ve learned so much about the business aspect of the brand."

As her brand continued to thrive, so did the partnerships, including one with Facebook. In 2018, Facebook contacted Miranda to create a weekly lifestyle show for Facebook Watch. At first, Miranda thought it was a joke considering it wasn’t anything she’d plan for. But they noticed the work she was doing and sought after her. “I’ve been purposeful, said Miranda. “Being my authentic self and sharing a part of me that I never would do has been refreshing. It’s even better when my guests do the same. That’s what people want to see.”

This year, Miranda is cultivating partnerships with a long list of brands including Parlour Magazine — an online destination magazine for women of color — as the co-host of their 
#TravelFly Solo Weekend in Morocco in June, a featured guest for WanderRoam in Thailand in August, as well as introducing a new product to add to the Beauty by African Miranda collection this summer inspired by the island of Curacao.

“If there is anything I want women to take away from my journey they should understand our time on earth is limited. Get started now," Miranda said. “Be kind to yourself. The grind mentality will push you to your detriment. Everything is a work in progress."

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