In a world where marketing to niche audiences is a new key to success, Hamburger Helper has raised the bar again with the release of a full free mixtape available now on Soundcloud. What easily could have been a cleverly placed April Fool’s joke is actually true and I must say it is incredibly and surprisingly lit.

The five-track listing is riddled with trap beats across well-laid bars about burning your lips from hot dishes of beef stroganoff and inviting a plate of cheesy mac to your next “Netflix and Chill” date.

Hamburger Helper is among brands who have figured out a way to reach audiences that are central to the culture and rev up engagement with their company. It didn’t take long for everyone from Black Twitter to PTA moms to sound off their reactions to the #WatchTheGlove mixtape.

The mixtape dropped and no one was prepared.

And then you find yourself twerking and milly rocking to songs about cheeseburger macaroni.

When you listen through it a second, third, and fourth time and your mind still can’t comprehend how these songs are so good.

When you realize the game has definitely changed up.

Even T-Swift gave it a listen and we all know what happened after that.

Needless to say, Hamburger Helper is definitely feeding the streets with it’s first venture into the music industry and it goes without saying that I am definitely “In Love With the Glove”.

Photo: makeagif
Photo: makeagif

Have you listened to #WatchTheGlove? What are your thoughts?

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