Sunglasses are a great way to show off your style. The wardrobe accessory effortlessly blends fashion and function. Amazon has a pair of sunglasses for everyone. As one of the largest online retailers you’ll find sunglasses in shapes, sizes, and colors of all kinds. 

Plus, you’re able to shop for exactly what you need. Polarized lenses? Check. Barely-there frames? Yes, you’re able to shop for those too. Best of all, you never have to shell out hundreds of dollars for the best sunglasses on Amazon.

FEISEDY Fashion Retro Small Sunglasses

FEISEDY’s Fashion Retro Small Sunglasses boast chic petal-shaped lenses. Available in 12 colors, you get to shop an assortment of mirrored and non-mirrored lenses. 

These fashionable shades also have a UV protective coating to shield your eyes from the sun as you strut down the street.  

TAOTAOQI Vintage Women Oversized Sunglasses

TAOTAOQI’s Vintage Women Oversized Sunglasses are a great value. For the price that you see, you get two pairs of sunglasses. Both pairs have a UV protective coating on the lenses. 

Among the 10 color choices, you always get a classic black pair of shades. Then, you get to choose which solid or tortoise patterned accent pair you’d like to add to your online cart.

JOVAKIT Polarized Heart Sunglasses

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear JOVAKIT’s Polarized Heart Sunglasses. The fun-shaped sunglasses come in 44 color choices. That being said, for under a $20 bill you can grab multiple for every occasion where you want to show more love to the world. 

Aside from being too cute, these sunglasses mean business. Each pair has an anti-glare coating over the scratch-resistant polarized lenses. And, these sunglasses also block UV and HEV light.

LVIOE Cat Eyes Sunglasses

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

LVIOE’s Cat Eyes Sunglasses guard the entire eye area with oversized polarized lenses. Plus, these sunglasses boast features as big as the frames. 

Each pair is made with scratch- and break-resistant lenses that also reduce glare. Speaking of these powerful lenses, they also filter 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. 

Available in 19 colors, explore a range of color combinations to find your perfect pair.   

Slocyclub Jeweled Butterfly Shaped Sunglasses

Slocyclub’s Jeweled Butterfly Shaped Sunglasses are not for the faint of heart. These are sunglasses that you throw on when you want to make a statement – which could very well be every day for you. 

These butterfly-shaped shades feature a bold frame with colorful lenses. And, each pair is adorned with a smattering of clear and colorful jewels. While the lenses on this pair aren’t polarized, they do have a UV coating. 

SOJOS Trendy Oversized Square Metal Frame Sunglasses

SOJOS Trendy Oversized Square Metal Frame Sunglasses are actually a classic shape. These shades have a thin wire frame so you get the most out of your lenses. That’s where the trendiness happens. 

Among the 11 colors available, more than half are unique colors and gradients. So, feel free to grab both a classic and a colorful pair of sunglasses. All of the options have non-polarized lenses with a UV coating. 

SOJOS Cat Eye Sunglasses

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

SOJOS Cat Eye Sunglasses are a one-of-a-kind take on a cat eye. It features a neat avior-style bar running over the top of the mirrored lens. By the way, all of the lenses have a UV coating. 

There are nine color choices to shop. Each pair comes with a soft carrying case and a cloth to keep the mirrored lenses shining without showing off your fingerprints. 

SUNGAIT Lightweight Oversized Aviator Sunglasses

The best pair of sunglasses to show off your chill style would have to be the SUNGAIT Lightweight Oversized Aviator Sunglasses. These frames feature oversized polarized lenses that have a UV protection coating. 

Also, these sunglasses have flexible hinges that add a layer of comfort. That way, you don’t feel like the sunglasses are wearing you. 

More importantly, you get to shop 14 different colors. That includes a few mirrored options, too. 

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