During the summer, you naturally inherit a subtle glow. It’s typically enhanced by the tan you acquire. Body shimmers will speed up the process and give you the coveted summer time glow faster. Whether you’re going out at night or want to look glowy at the beach, there is a body shimmer filled with warmth and shine for you.

What is a Body Shimmer?

Although not completely necessary, a body shimmer is a secondary accessory for your skin. A body shimmer is a glowing and luminous quick trip to healthy-looking skin. Body shimmers are less reliant on physical glitter, prioritizing shine and glow. They typically come in the form of an oil, serum or body glaze.

Best Luminizing Tint

Fenty Beauty Body Sauce Luminizing Tint

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Fenty Beauty

The one person to take body glow advice from is Rihanna. Inspired by the homemade glow she used to make in Barbados out of highlighters, oils and butters, the Fenty Beauty Body Sauce Luminizing Tint has the shine she’s been wearing for years in a bottle. It is a buildable blendable tinted shimmer coverage with a comfortable, light-as-air feel from its gel-cream formula.

Best Body Glow Serum

REFY Body Glow Highlighting Serum

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Refy

If you’re looking for a body shimmer that won’t have you picking off specks of glitter from your body, the REFY Glow Highlighting Serum is a sheer yet hydrating alternative. With its ‘your skin but better’ approach, it may become an everyday staple in your body care routine.

Best Body Powder Spray

SHEGLAM Go Go Glow Highlighting Body Glitter Powder Spray

For those who prefer glitter over shine, the Go Go Glow Highlighting Body Glitter should be your go-to product. This body powder spray is for those who embrace the dramatics of body glitter and want to be seen sparkling. It’s most practical at festivals, concerts, extravagant nights out and other places.

Best Shimmer Lotion

LOreal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer

Whoever thought to put built-in shimmer into a lotion is a genius. The idea that you could get shine in just one pump with minimal mess and awkward streaks seems like a win. Not only that, but traveling with body shimmer in the form of a lotion makes it a lot less worrisome than it would be to travel with a powder or oil.

Best Shimmer Body Oil

Tom Ford Soleil Neige Shimmering Body Oil

$34 - $100
Photo Courtesy of Sephora

The act of mixing shimmer powder and oil is a true art. This is the most traditional way to wear body shimmer. A body oil likely has the longest-lasting shine effects, along with the best scent. With the Tom Ford Soleil Neige Shimmering Body Oil, the tint will give you a built-in tan. The flecks of gold shimmer will give you a built-in glow. This luxury body shimmer from Tom Ford is a lasting, sustainable product with high-quality shine and moisture.

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