When it comes to the makeup industry, companies historically neglected women with dark skin. Thanks to iconic brands like Fenty Beauty, dark-skin women can now celebrate their bronzed skin and rich hue.

Even though beauty brands shifted the narrative of inclusivity, dark-skinned women still, at times, struggle to find the perfect lipstick and lip liner. Typically, some of these lip liners are be marketed to darker complexioned women as cocoa or hazelnut. These hues may create a gray cast on the lips or wash away a darker woman’s golden undertones. Since darker lip liners are not as readily available, some Black women rely on black eye liner to create dimension in their lips.

With the help of Tiktok and Instagram, Black beauty influencers challenged the industry and highlighted their favorite brands that cater to darker skin tones. Even though there is a scarcity in products made for our ebony queens, these liners are designed to enhance your lips.

Juvia’s Place

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Ulta

Juvia’s Place exudes royalty and queendom when it comes to Black women’s beauty. The brand was founded by Chichi Eburu, a dark-skinned Black woman who found it difficult to enhance her skin tone. Juvia’s Place made it a point to highlight the richness of deep skin tones. Its highly pigmented eyeshadows, velvety-smooth face powders, and universal foundations raised the bar in the Black makeup space. Juvia’s Coffee-Shop lip liners come in three mahogany shades and are formulated for deep-skin.

Mented Cosmetics

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Ulta

Mented’s motto is, “When it comes to beauty, no one deserves to be an afterthought.” Co-Founders KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, celebrate all hues with their inclusive, earth-toned products. The vegan and cruelty-free brand went viral for its semi-matte lipsticks. Since the brand’s start, it has introduced more products for melanin skin. Their lip liner in the shade “Night” is the darkest shade offered. Mented’s liners comes in nine different colors.

Makeup Forever

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Sephora

This luxury brand is a fan-favorite. It has paved the way for Black girls with a range of multidimensional products. Makeup Forever is known for its HD collection. The company became popular for its pro makeup artist products. Before Fenty, this brand was one of the few to offer an extensive collection of foundation shades. The brand’s “Artist Color” collection is used for lips, eyes, brows and provides a long lasting effect for beginners and experts. The shade dimension dark brown is a highly rated, dark-skin friendly staple.

Lys Beauty

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Sephora

Not only is this company Black-owned, every product sold at Lys Beauty is under $30, cruelty-free and recyclable. Founder, Tisha Thompson, wanted inclusivity and sustainability within her cosmetic company. This lip liner is available in seven neutral shades. It defines your pout with precision. The darkest color is a, deep dark brown that dries to a matte finish. The product contains castor oil, hyaluronic acid, and candelilla, to combat dry-dull lips. The liner will leave your lips feeling and looking healthy.

Pat McGrath

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Sephora

Pat Mcgrath became a household name by conceptualizing high-end cosmetics for decades. Because of her extraordinary makeup looks and innovative techniques, Mcgrath launched her brand in 2015. Since Mcgrath grew up as a dark-skinned woman, she produces a wide range of pigments suited for makeup fanatics. Mcgrath’s Permagel Lip Liner in the shade, brownouveaux, is a warm-toned chocolate brown, suited for the girls who have slightly redder undertones. The lip liner comes in a velvet texture and comes in ten shades.

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