Mom deserves it all on Mother’s Day. But, actually attempting to give mom everything can get confusing, fast. That’s where gift baskets come in.

A gift basket is a convenient way to give your mother figure a variety of cohesive gifts in one pretty package. 

What type of basket should you get your mom? Whatever you know she likes.

Keep scrolling to shop a variety of gift baskets for every mom’s unique wants this Mother’s Day.

To complement every cup of coffee

The Coffee Gift Basket from Golden Gift Box perfectly pairs with your mom’s morning cup of coffee. It includes a candle and an assortment of snacks. Your mom will also get a pair of graphic socks with the phrase “if you can read this, bring me a cup of coffee” printed over the soles. 

Plus, there’s a coffee mug included with its own “coffee makes everything possible” phrase printed on it.

A wine lover’s paradise

Photo Courtesy of Harry and David

Harry and David’s Market Tote with Wine has everything a wine-loving mom needs. Nestled between two bottles of Harry and David’s 750 ml red and white wine is a vast assortment of complementary treats. 

Pears, sausages, white cheddar cheese, French baguettes, and more fill this bountiful 23-piece tote. Best of all, at the time of this post, you can save $60 and get this basket for under $100.

Every bath product mom could want

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Spa Luxetique’s Bath Gift Basket includes a purple tote that can easily be worn with your mother’s Sunday best attire. If that’s not your mom’s thing, it makes a great beach tote, too. Inside the bag is a variety of bath-time essentials that’ll keep her bathroom stocked for weeks to come.

The lavender-scented set includes shower gel, body lotion, hand wash, hand lotion, bubble bath liquid, bath salts, two bath bombs, and body butter. With the exception of the bath bombs and bath salts, every item contains shea butter. No ashy skin for Mother’s Day!

Help mom unwind with tea

1-800 Baskets is here to answer your mother’s day call for the perfect gift for a mom that needs to unwind. The Teatime For One with Teapot Gift Basket includes an intricately designed blue-on-white stoneware tea set for one.

Of course, tea is included. The Chamomile tea from Twinings is packed with rock candy stir sticks, a cinnamon French twist, and a variety of cookies.

No obsession is silly

The Silly Obsessions Gift Box for Mother is perfect for new moms who could use some extra TLC. This gift includes unique trinkets that will remind mom that you’re thinking of her needs beyond the classic bouquet of flowers. 

There’s nothing silly about this box that’s stuffed with a lavender and thyme-scented candle, an engraved mirror that reads “love you mom,” a cosmetic travel bag, and a colorful mug with loving words for mom. 

The gift set also has a pair of cotton cozy socks that say “if you can read this, give me a foot rub.” But, the showstopper of the box is the sterling silver necklace that features a crystal pendant in a sturdy jewelry box.

Bring the spa home

Photo Courtesy of 1-800 Baskets

The Island Paradise Spa Tower from 1-800 Baskets is a must have for the mother figure that always says she’s tired. This gift includes everything mom needs to bring the spa home. Body butter, body scrub, body lotion, body wash, pumice stone, loofah, mesh sponge, eye mask, and bath mitt are all stacked atop a white waffle robe. 

The tower comes in five boxes so you can give them to mom all at once. Or, scatter them around her house for a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt. 

A bath-time gift with flowers included

AYGXU’s Relaxing Spa Gift Box Basket is a 11-piece self care day packed in a champagne-colored box. The box includes a stainless steel tumbler, face wash headband, a pink cloud-shaped bath bomb that turns the tub into a rainbow and much more.

Plus, it comes with a 3D greeting card and a small bouquet of dried flowers.

Restock your vegan mom’s snack pile

Have a vegan mom that’s in need of a snack restock? Then here’s the perfect gift basket for her and her pantry. The Bunny James Vegan Snacks Care Package is a 20-piece snack basket filled to the brim with anything your mom could want.

When she wants “something sweet” she can find cookies and fruit-filled treats. For the times when mom needs something savory, she can delve into a bag of chips, vegan jerky, and more.