Everyone’s finger nail shape is unique to them. Some people have shorter nails, while others have lengthy nail beds. Each person also has their tried-and-true nail shape that they opt for in the salon chair. But, did you know that some nail shapes complement your fingers better than others? There are best nail shapes for fat fingers as well as slim fingers. 21Ninety asked nail expert to explain what shape you should try next.

Best nail shapes for fat fingers

Marie Littlewood is a nail expert and the director of NSI Nails UK. She told 21Ninety coffin, stiletto, or round nails are the best nail shapes for fat fingers.

“[Stiletto nails] are extremely tapered, giving your thick fingers a slim and lengthened appearance,” Littlewood said.

Coffin nails also offer this lengthening effect, but with a more squared tip at the end.

“[Round nails] are ideal for those who have short, fat, or wide nail beds since it matches the natural contour of your natural nails,” Littlewood explained.

Lidia Badiu is a nail artist and the content editor of Beauty Portrait. She told 21Ninety that people with wide nail beds should also lean towards almond nails.

“The tapered tip of the almond shape helps to create a more elongated appearance, which makes it particularly suitable for those with wider nail beds,” the nail artist said.

Best nail shapes for slim fingers

If you have slim fingers, Badiu said to look towards a short or medium square-shaped nail.

“This shape can help to create the illusion of wider fingers, which can be a great choice for individuals with slender hands,” the content editor explained.

Badiu says that a round shape works well with slim fingers, too.

“This classic nail shape can work well for thin fingers, as it helps to soften the look of the hands,” she noted.

Tips for the best at-home manicure results

Ready to strengthen your at-home manicure game? Then check out these tips from Badiu on ways to ensure your nails come out perfect each time you apply them.

Prepare your nails: Before you apply your faux nails, make sure to clean and dry your real nails. Then, file to your preference. Finish up your prep-routine with an appropriate base coat.

Choose the right shape: Use the tips above to select the shape that will flatter your nails the most.

“The right nail shape can help elongate your fingers and create a more balanced look for your hands,” Badiu explained.

Pick the right size: Each nail kit has a range of sizes, so make sure to take the time to find your size in the bunch.

“If you’re unsure, it’s always better to go for a slightly smaller size, as you can always file the nails down to fit your nails,” Badiu said.

Read and follow the instructions: If your kit comes with instructions make sure to follow them for the best results. If there aren’t any instructions, type in your search online to browse through video tutorials that you can follow step-by-step.

Low effort extensions for all nails

Glamnetic’s Press On Nails comes in over 30 options. Each selection is unique, too. Shop all of the aforementioned nail shapes in a variety of colors and then, pick the one that best suits your fingers.


The Rosalind Half Matte Almond Fake Nail Tips already have texture on the lower half of the nail. That makes it easier for the faux nails to stick to your natural nails via a gel base coat.


Tomicca’s Coffin Nail Kit has everything you need to get you started on your long-nail journey. The 500-piece kit has a range of coffin soft gel tips, a UV LED lamp, a nail trimmer, the nail glue gel, and a nail file so you can etch the fake nail.


Yes, these are the same Aprés nails you find in your favorite salon. The Aprés Nail Gel-X Round Box of Tips and Extend Gel has 500 of the brand’s staple Gel-X tips along with the gel adhesive.


Photo Courtesy of Amazon

The pre-etched Una Gella Square Gel Nail Tips come in an over 500-piece set with 10 nail sizes in the kit. The thin and sturdy nails can be used to fully cover your natural nail or be added to the upper half of your nail to elongate the look of your fingers. 


The lightweight Pre-shaped Stiletto Gel Nail Tips Kit from Beetles has 500 nails in its set. These ultra-lengthening nails are meant to fully cover your natural nail – making it one to grab if you have short nail beds.

Gel nail polish

Grab the 23 Piece Gel Nail Polish Kit from Beetles to paint your new nails. The set includes 20 glitter and glossy UV-activated colors along with your essential base coat and two top coats – matte and glossy.

Gel nail lamp

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Every gel nail needs to be set. And the LKE Gel UV LED Nail Lamp is the one for the job. The high-power motion-activated lamp quickly sets UV gel so you can finish your manicure in record time.

Essential nail tools

To achieve the perfect manicure every time, you need to use quality tools. Yougai Manicure Set Nail Clippers Pedicure Kit is an 18-piece set that has every clipper, file, and cuticle cutter you could need.

Natural nail necessities

It’s ok if faux nails aren’t your thing. Depending on the length of your nails, you can file them into your perfect shape. Then use the Essie Nail Care Protect Your Mani Kit to keep your nails healthy. The kit has a base coat, top coat, and cuticle oil.