Keeping big hair dry is a challenge. Finding a shower cap that fits can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Those standard single use caps force you to choose how much of your hair you want to keep dry. Worst of all, they break and tear all too easily.

Fortunately, reusable extra large shower caps exist to keep all of your hair protected day after day.

Where can you wear an extra large shower cap?

Yes, you can wear a shower cap outside of the shower. Basically, whenever you want to protect your tresses – styled or all natural – from the elements you can throw on a shower cap.

No matter if you’re cooking up a storm, luxuriating in the bathtub, or going to an event on a rainy day, you can use an extra large shower cap to keep all of your hair dry.

Bonus, if you want to use your shower cap in the shower, you can use it for more than keeping your hair dry. Vinyl lined, or EVA, bath caps can be used for deep conditioning treatments. The EVA is easy to rinse off and dry. One day you can do a deep condition, and the next day, you’ll be able to protect your hairstyle from a steamy shower.

Foldable long shower cap

Satinior’s set of two Braid Adjustable and Foldable Jumbo Shower Caps make it super easy to shower while keeping your long hair dry. Each cap is about 23 inches long and 18.1 inches in diameter (at the widest part) to fit your braids, locs, or naturally long hair. The foldable element to this shower cap really sets it apart from your average bath cap. There is a hook-and-loop closure on the top of the head and the tip of the cap that connects to lift your hair off of your back while you shower. Best of all there’s also a drawstring to tighten the cap as much, or as little as you need to. Grab one of the four shower cap sets to make bath-time a whole lot easier. No breaking your neck trying to swing your hair around, here! 

Adjustable extra large shower cap

The Auban Adjustable Reusable Extra Large Shower Cap has two layers of protection against water. The inner layer is made of vinyl and the outer layer is made of a silky satin. It also features an adjustable bead to tighten or expand the elastic to fit to your head. Plus, you’re not just getting one shower cap with a 12-inch diameter, you get three to an order. One of the sets even has a leopard print cap.

For long and thick hair

Annie International Max Jumbo Braid Shower Cap keeps the longest and thickest hair dry. The large bath cap is 18.5 inches wide and a whopping 25 inches long. So, those waist-length knotless braids are going to fit in this bath cap. And, this cap has an attached drying loop so you can hang your cap for easy drying as well as storage. Annie International’s cap also has a wide covered-elastic band for a comfortable and secure fit around your heavy hair. 

Best value

The best bang-for-your-buck on this list goes to the Aquior Double Layer Satin EVA Extra Large Shower Cap. You get four double lined caps. Featuring an EVA inner layer and satin outer layer, these caps will protect you from fragrant food smell and water depending on where you wear your shower cap. Plus, each cap has covered elastic so you won’t feel pressure or the uncomfortable texture of raw elastic against your skull. These 13.7 diameter shower caps come in five different colorful sets. But, if you prefer an all black set, that’s available too!

Cotton-lined shower cap

Check out Annie International’s Deluxe Double Lined Shower Cap if you have big hair that could use some soft protection against moisture. This extra large-sized shower cap has a unique cotton lining that will keep your thick long hair dry without messing up your style. Especially if you love to rock a silk press, this one is definitely worth a try. Other features include a waterproof nylon outer layer and a durable elastic band that won’t imprint a line across your forehead.