If you have ever had reservations about white shoes, now is the time to let go of your worries, because white sneakers are an evergreen fashion staple. Fashion is transient, and that means that sometimes, ‘older fashion’ resurfaces. With the rise of trends like Tenniscore, white sneakers are gaining more prominence. Here are some styles to consider for the upcoming season.

Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

There is no talk about white sneakers without the mention of these Nike shoes. They are a timeless, classic staple and an excellent investment for the money-savvy fashionista and street style enthusiast.

Photo by Hamza Nouasria
Photo Credit: Hamza Nouasria

Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers

These sneakers are well known for being chic, versatile and edgy. It’s easy to dress this up with a flowery dress or channel your inner street style fashionista by pairing it with a graphic shirt and baggy jeans.

Off white x Chuck Taylor sneakers
Photo Credit: Igor Jilesen

Yeezy Boost S50

A vast number of Yeezy shoes, including this sneaker, have attracted a lot of admiration over the years. These shoes are extremely fashionable and comfortable.

Photo by Ox Street
Photo Credit: Ox Street

Adidas Superstar Sneakers

Adidas Superstars have remained an iconic piece of casual fashion for years. The shoes were originally created for basketball in the ’70s, but quickly became a pop culture staple.


Adidas superstar sneakers
Photo Credit: Mateus Carvalho

White Puma Sneakers

These shoes are ageless. Grab these Puma pairs to add a fresh outlook to your wardrobe. What is even better is that the shoe allows you the flexibility to create your own vibe with every outfit.

Photo by dk photography
Photo Credit: dk photography