Beyoncé announced the official release date for her latest business endeavor, Cécred Haircare. The global superstar will release her new line of hair products on February 20.

The line’s name is a play on the word sacred, spelling it instead with the last two letters of the singer’s name. While the release date is new and exciting, the trailer for the announcement proved to be the real gift. 

The teaser opens with a distant shot of a draped white sheet. Viewers see images of a salon’s sign projected onto it. The salon, named Headliners La Mode Salon, is a clear nod to the salon Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, once owned. She has detailed through the years how the salon played a major role in her upbringing, and understanding of womanhood and Black community. 

A Cécred Venture

In her first announcement about the haircare line, Beyonce gave a glimpse into the importance of salon space in her life.

“How many of y’all knew my first job was sweeping hair in my mama’s salon?” the singer wrote on Instagram. “Destiny’s Child got our start by performing for clients, while they were getting their hair done.”

In this latest video release, shots from inside the Headliners Salon are interspersed with glimpses of people caring for their textured hair. In the midst of the different haircare clips, fans see a flash of Beyonce herself, eyes trained unforgivingly at the camera as if to say, “Yes, this is mine.” The video closes with home footage of a young Tina Knowles, affectionately known as Mama Tina, waving to the camera with a young Beyoncé by her side. 

The video is both an ode to Black hair and another reminder of how important it is to Beyoncé. It signals to fans and future customers that the singer holds a certain respect and admiration for the products and the experience of caring for your tresses. The star constantly reminds her audience that her and the Cécred haircare line are trustworthy. Hair is something that is deeply connected to her. 

Here’s What We Know About Cécred Haircare So Far

The Cécred haircare Instagram page and website give some more tidbits of information about what to expect from the line.

It includes influencer’s reactions to the new line and closes with the line’s release date. On the website, there is a Venn diagram, where science and ritual intersect to make Cécred. It’s an apparent indication that the line will involve some level of science-based research in its formulation. 

How Much Will Cécred Haircare Cost?

Currently, there is no information about what products will be available in the haircare line or the price point. However, if Queen Bey’s other recent business venture is any indication, Cécred’s offerings will not be cheap. Beyonce’s eau de parfum Cé Noir, released late last year, had a price tag of $160. Some fans didn’t agree by the price point, since they couldn’t smell it before buying it. With the perfume sold exclusively online, fans had to run the risk of not liking the product.