Rapper Travis Scott released his latest album “Utopia” Friday. The album features a line up of stellar collaborations with artists such as SZA, Bon Iver, Sampha, Young Thug, and Beyoncè. Yes, The Beyoncé. The superstar singer appears on the steady-paces track “Delresto (Echoes)” with SZA appearing alongside Future on “Telekenesis.”

The collaboration with Beyoncé caught many by surprise as there had been no previous hints to the track.

In the opening line of the song, Beyoncè goes on a signature sing-talk, saying “Statues in the next room / Billions in escrow / Bulletproof the whole thing / Ignore the dress code / Step into the ballroom / So hard to let go / Things they never give life / I can see the echoes.”

And through the course of the song, Queen Bey sings “It’s the echoes that I wait for” and “It’s only echoes I escape for,” over and over again.

The song is eerie and haunting with Beyoncé’s lithe, ethereal vocals. It has been receiving positive reviews since its release.

Shared Imagery

When the song went live, Travis Scott posted a cover photo of a pile of folded newspapers. On the front page of the paper, the words “The Echo”  are written right under the word “America”.

That same fake newspaper has also appeared behind the screen during Beyoncé’s performances at the Renaissance World Tour. It is unclear if Scott optioned the image from Beyoncé or if it was originally created for this collaboration. Beyoncé, who is on the U.S leg of her wildly popular Renaissance tour, hasn’t mentioned the collaboration on any of her socials.

Scott on the other hand is set to release a full length feature film titled Circus Maximus alongside the just released album.