On Sunday, April 24, 2016, 12 women sat in the living room of a friend’s apartment watching Lemonade.

Although this gathering to discuss and dissect Beyoncé’s latest opus was probably not unique, seeing as it had dropped the night before, we highly doubt many others were also making their own hand-blended batches of tea at the same time.

As the image of a line of girls walking into the sea hand-in-hand flashed on the screen, we couldn’t help but visualize ourselves in that line as well. We were captured by the sweet realization that the major themes of Lemonade — redemption and the comfort found in creating beauty and sisterhood where it was not before — are the same driving forces behind why we craft.

You see, we were gathered for the April session of Bitchcraft, a monthly crafts group for women.  


Our sessions also allow us to exercise our magic through creativity.

Bitchcraft is about making something with our own hands and tapping into artistry we didn’t know we had. We learn to make what we thought we could only buy. We release the tensions of their everyday lives and allow ourselves to be inspired.

 Our Bitchcraft sessions carve out a space for community in our lives.


Each month a member hosts the group in her home, forming an intimate environment for us to network, talk about our lives, seek advice and shoot the breeze. We aim to supply the indulgence of sisterhood; the levity and joy that can be created when surrounded by other women is irreplaceable.

So just as Bey left us with her grandmother’s healing recipe for lemonade, let us leave you with one for tea.


 Bitchcraft Communi-tea


 1 Tbsp Oolong tea leaves

3 big pinches of dried Hibiscus

2 pinches of dried Orange Peel

A sprinkle of Magic


Mix all ingredients in a small bowl.


Carefully scoop into tea filter bag and pull drawstrings closed.


Steep in boiling water for 2 minutes.

Enjoy as is or over ice.


Best served with a side of sisterhood.