For months, the Beyhive has anxiously awaited the Renaissance Tour’s opening night. Following the release of Beyoncé’s album of the same name, fans didn’t quite know what to expect from the new tour. The album, after all, was a new lane for Beyoncé, who released a musical creation featuring songs in the house and dance genre.

The tour began May 10 in Stockholm, Sweden. Fans who could not attend the first show relied on online reports to evaluate just what Queen Bey was bringing to the stage. As Instagram stories, TikTok videos and professional images started to pop up online, many were impressed with Beyoncé’s costuming, set design and, maybe most of all, her vocals. However, for some, the first show on the highly anticipated tour wasn’t quite what they expected. Many assumed because of an alleged foot injury.

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Parkwood

Beyoncé, fans share the moment

Fans who attended the tour opening, posted a variety of clips from the night. Many videos included screaming lyrics as excited attendees watched Beyoncé take the stage once again.

Joel Barrios shared several reels on his Instagram page giving those at home a stellar view of the show. His reels included clips from “Alien Superstar” and “Cuff It.”

Beyoncé also shared a compilation video from the first night on her Instagram page. The clip, however, included no sound, confusing many fans. Other’s loved the fact that she provided “visuals” only. Since the release of the “Renaissance” album, fans have been desperately calling for the star to release visuals to accompany the much-loved songs.

“Not you actually SHOWING us the show!! My sis said y’all wanted visuals so bad…here you go!” one commenter wrote under Beyoncé’s post.

Some disappointed by the night

On a Reddit page dedicated to Beyoncé, fans have been anticipating the tour for months. There were daily posts fantasizing about the tour and what exactly fans could expect. Discussions included everything from dream set lists to concert attire. After the release of images and clips from the Stockholm stop, some members of the forum shared their disappointment.

One user wrote a post titled, “It’s OK To Be Disappointed.” In it, the users says that after a year of no promo or visuals, naturally everyone expected everything to be tremendous.

“We were expecting to be blown away by the choreography, FROM HER. It’s the end of an era,” the user wrote. “Quite frankly it’s heartbreaking.”

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Parkwood

Alleged foot injury at play

Another user made a post with the title, “Something feels off, no?” They wrote that while Beyoncé looked and sounded amazing, the opening night didn’t feel like the Renaissance tour they were expecting.

“I am seeing a lot of commentary surrounding her foot injury. I’m sure this is a big issue, but it seems like there’s more at play here than just that,” the user speculated.

It’s been rumored that Beyoncé suffered a foot injury and underwent surgery near the beginning of the year. The speculation only increased when the star performed a private concert in Dubai in January. Fans noted she seemed to struggle to perform. According to Hot New Hip Hop, at the time, culture critic Gerrick Kennedy shared the news of her injury.

‘”BEYLANTIS was quite the unexpected show,” he tweeted. “That voice is just getting better and better. Mama was doing her good singing. Mind-blowing to see her and Blue Ivy perform together. Even more in awe to hear she did this after foot surgery. It’s unclear what injury led Bey to the operating table, but it’s good to know she’s doing better.”

Many Reddit users were frustrated by the criticism of the tour’s opening night.

“You guys need to calm down. She’s not 20 years old anymore. She’s not gonna be running around and be all over the floor for 3 hours straight. She seems healthy to me and her voice sounds great,” one user wrote.

Others fans on Reddit questioned the loyalty of those doubting their Queen.

“This is the reason why fake hive don’t deserve tickets,” one user wrote. “She put on an AMAZING show and I would love to see you attempt it.”