We can speak for everyone when we say that we absolutely look forward to the visuals that accompany Beyoncé’s music. We’re sure Queen Bey knows this as well and she decided to tease us with a sneak peak of the upcoming video to “I’m That Girl.”

Everyone is loving “RENAISSANCE” and it’s been on repeat for two weeks now! However, we’re all waiting for Beyoncé to drop the visuals for each track like she’s done in the past. When it comes to videos, Queen Bey goes above and beyond and paints a theatrical masterpiece.

Bey is sure to deliver art, literature, culture, fashion and more. All those themes are very apparent in the official teaser of “I’m That Girl” that was dropped on August 12. “RENAISSANCE” celebrates self-love, personal identity, freedom and fashion and we’re all eager to see what Beyoncé has in store for Beehive fans.

There’s no official release date for a visual album but the teaser alone lets us know that it is indeed on the way. Beyoncé’s teaser featured her strutting around an opulent bedroom suite wearing a silver metal bodysuit and patterned stockings. She then exits to a lounge with a mirrored wall and continues to mouth “I’m that girl” while sitting on mauve velvet sofa.

Other scenes show her sitting on the bar with a horse by her side, lounging on a couch and talking her ish into a silver microphone. She serves various outfits, hairstyles and glam letting it truly be known that she is indeed THAT GIRL! You can check out the official teaser to “I’m That Girl” below!