Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour movie is out in theaters now! Although the queen previously requested fans wore silver to the live show, she switched up the theme for the movie’s attire. She announced that she would prefer for fans to dress in opulence attire.

What Exactly is Opulence Attire?

Opulence attire is a style that embodies a sense of luxurious and extravagant beauty. It goes beyond mere fashion. It’s a celebration of lavish details, sumptuous fabrics, and intricate embellishments that elevate one’s style to a regal level.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance album focuses mainly on underground ballroom culture. For many balls, there is an “opulence” category where participants would flaunt their best attempts at an outfit that embodies luxury while staying true to who they are.

If you are stuck on what to wear, here are some examples to help you put on your best “unique” opulence fits!

Regal Velvet Elegance

Step into the realm of opulence with the smooth touch of velvet. A rich velvet dress in deep jewel tones, like emerald green, royal blue, or burgundy instantly screams sophistication. Wear fabrics associated with luxury, like velvet. Its soft texture and regal aura perfectly encompases this style.

Gilded Glamour with Metallic Accents

For a modern take, introduce metallic accents into your wardrobe, like a shimmering gold or silver blouse. Pair it with tailored trousers or a metallic-threaded skirt and effortlessly transition from day to night. Opulence attire embraces metallics, elevating to your everyday looks.

Lace and Intricate Embroidery

Indulge in the intricate beauty of lace and embroidery for a timeless look. Opulence attire is defined by meticulous craftsmanship, and these details speak volumes about refined taste. Choose neutral shades like ivory or blush to maintain an air of sophistication, letting the artistry of the fabric take center stage.

Statement Outerwear

Make a grand entrance with opulent outerwear that steals the spotlight. A faux fur coat in a bold color or a long, flowing cape with intricate details can instantly transform a simple outfit into a lavish ensemble. Opulence attire isn’t just about the base layer. It’s also about making a statement from head to toe.

Silk and Satin Sensation

Embrace smooth silk and satin for a classic touch. Opulence attire often involves luxurious fabrics that provide a sensory experience. A flowing silk blouse paired with tailored trousers or a satin slip dress can exude timeless elegance, capturing its essence.

Luxurious Accessories

Lastly, opulence doesn’t always require a complete wardrobe overhaul. Sometimes, the little details that make the biggest impact. Elevate your look with luxurious accessories such as a bejeweled clutch, a statement belt, or embellished gloves. Opulence attire incorporates these decadent touches that turn heads and leave a lasting impression.