Zerina Akers is not a new face when it comes to the ever-changing fashion scene. Akers is best known for personally styling Beyoncé, as well as serving as the costume designer for the hit viral 2020 musical film, “Black Is King,” which eventually resulted in Akers winning an Emmy for her timeless designs. 

Akers has proven time and time again that she is the boss of her own making. The 35-year-old stylist and costume designer wanted to extend her influence within the world of fashion by creating her own e-commerce business, ‘Black-Owned Everything.’ 

‘Black Owned Everything’ is a platform with a very specific vision in mind- to help support Black designers and creatives in an effort for them to feel seen, heard, and appreciated in a space that was not originally made for them to succeed. 

“Black businesses have fought exclusion, systematic oppression, and active disenfranchisement for decades. Our goal is to change the narrative and to invite you to support Black-owned businesses, celebrate Black creators, and participate in an inclusive, unified community” said Zerina Akers in a statement. 

The leading trailblazer and business owner for anything and everything fashion induced is now expanding her career beyond just the fashion space and is creating a fresh outlook for Black women and women of color to receive support in establishing themselves as professional businesswomen in a lucrative industry. 

“I've learned to take a lot of s-h-i-t. I’m so used to dealing with a lot of things and moving on. It’s not a matter of choosing not to do something. It’s choosing myself, my time, my businesses, some of which have taken a backseat to complete projects. It’s okay to stop and prioritize yourself. I prioritize my own deliverables and say no after years of saying yes all the time. It’s about having limits and setting hard boundaries.” 

She continued, “I’ve been able to practically help people launch their careers. People have been creating things for so long, so whether it’s through Black-Owned Everything or through celebrity dressing, I’ve been able to bring my people with me. I want my people to know “I’m with you,” said Akers in an exclusive Vogue Interview. 

The New York-based stylist portfolio includes working with notable celebrities and leading industry faces such as Chloe x Halle, Saweetie, Niecy Nash, Megan The Stallion, and Karol G to name a few.