The scents we wear on a daily basis leave a lasting imprint on our day-to-day lives. They also impact our mental health and self-esteem significantly. Use D.S. & Durga’s “Bistro Waters” fragrance as an example. Infused with subtle lime flower water, coriander seed, and pear, D.S. & Durga’s savory perfumes create self-love-infused scents that smell just as good as they sound.

The Black owned fragrance brand, Moodeaux, by Brianna Arps, serves as another example of mixing scent with self-love and mental health awareness. The brand’s signature scent, “Worthy,” speaks directly to feeling and smelling your best. “There’s a lack of brands or just, you know, fragrance houses out here really talking about the scientific connection between our sense of smell and its ability to trigger good thoughts and influence our moods,” said Brianna Arps, founder of Moodeaux. “Our sense of smell is really powerful. And not having that connection of mixing fragrance with our mood was one thing that I noticed that was missing from the industry.”

Whether infusing Bergamot with sandalwood or opting in for an earthy approach of infusing rose with lavender- These aromatherapy-infused fragrance brands deserve your coins this summer and all of the rest.

D.S. & Durga


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D.S. & Durga believes in perfume’s ability to conjure different worlds. “A great scent is a world you can return to over and over–a keyhole into another realm. You can travel via the mind-nose connection to larger collective spaces,” said the brand on their about page. From fragrance enhancers to perfumes inspired by the desert– D.S. & Durga is helping us hold onto the timeless feel of fragrance through special moments.


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Standing for the phonetic spelling of “beau” which is commonly described in English as a significant other, was curated by Bernardo Möller, a 38- year-old perfumer that resides in the heart of Miami. Bō perfumes resemble that of Bernardo’s home in Mexico which he recalls as “memories centered around scents.” From his mother’s tanning oil to roble trees in the Mexcian forest, Bō perfumes have a collective goal of expressing intimacy within our self-expression.



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Dossier creates clean, ethically sourced, high-end perfumes that are accessible to consumers. Dossier’s clean and eco-friendly perfumes are helping to create a more eco-friendly planet sourced directly from Grasse, France.



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Recently launched in Credo Beauty, Moodeaux is disrupting the fragrance industry one scent at a time. As the retailer’s first Black-owned fragrance brand, Moodeaux brings forth a warm inviting mix of citrus-floral-woodsy accords that serve as the hug you never knew you needed.



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Elorea’s mission is to capture, preserve, and share the stories of Korea’s rich history. “The first record of scent being used in Korea dates back to the 5th century on a mural of a woman carrying an incense burner on her head during a religious practice. It is believed that since then, the use of fragrance became more widely accepted as part of daily life,” says Elorea on their about page. Inspired by the earth’s four elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air- Elorea’s scents create an intimate connection between nature and our bodies.

Savoir Faire


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Blended, bottled, and boxed by hand- Savoir Faire is a unique combination of intimacy and beautifully crafted scents that are sensual as they are sexual. Savoir Faire aims to be a part of your daily life through the complexity of romantic ingredients that range from patchouli to amber wood.