Blac Chyna, also known as Angela White, has been very transparent about her journey to reverse her cosmetic surgeries. Now she’s opening up to explain her choice behind undoing the procedures.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, the model shared her views on what her life was like before she made the choice to reverse her surgeries and explains that wasn’t what she wanted for herself.

Blac Chyna’s New Attitude After Reversing Surgeries

White has undergone several procedures to reverse the surgeries she has had. Some include dissolving her facial fillers as well as getting breast and butt reductions. She says that she realized she needed to change what she was attracting.

“You have to think about it like this… I could look at you and make any assumption right until you start speaking to me. So my thing is before you even start talking to me or give me a chance I want you to see, ‘OK this is a well-rounded woman,'” she said to the outlet. “Not with these types of boobs and a big butt and the big lips. It put me in this category when that’s really not who I am internally.”

She went on to explain that her main reason for the surgeries in the first place was because she was a trendsetter. White got her start as an exotic dancer in Washington D.C. and quickly rose to fame. She was a video vixen for the likes of Drake and Rick Ross and was also a body double for Nicki Minaj’s music video “Monster.” Early in her career, White understood her influence.

“Even from my cheek piercings that I had, all the girls went and got that,” she said. “I used to have the super low bangs, all the girls loved that. The tattoos and this and that and it’s like one of those things to where it’s like, ‘Hey, look at me.’ Once you get to that ‘Hey look at me’ point it’s like, ‘What then?’ “

The interview took place as she was volunteering with the non-profit organization, Caterina’s Club. White told ET that now more than ever, she sees a beautiful woman in her reflection. Not only because of the reversal of her surgeries but because of her internal transformation to become a better person and give back.