There’s nothing more classy than a set of black and white nails. From curved stripes to polka dots, there’s definitely something about a crisp new manicure to get the day going. Not to mention, the style is notorious during all seasons and can be paired with pretty much any and every style- Have we convinced you yet?

Black and white nails have been a timeless and classic choice for nail lovers near and far. By offering a versatile, classy, and sophisticated look, the contrast between the two hues creates an aesthetically pleasing visual effect that immediately captures the eye. In recent years, the trend has seen a growing resurgence with many celebrities and influencers showcasing various styles on their platforms. There’s enough to be said about the enduring appeal of black and white nails as the trend surely speaks for itself. From seeking a minimalist or bold design, black and white nails lend themselves to all aesthetics and remain a go-to choice for those seeking a polished look.

Furthermore, there’s an effortless monochromatic nature of black and white nails that provides the perfect canvas for experimentation. Think matte black paired with a glossy white design or using nail foils to create a marble effect, the design options for this particular nail style are effortless.

No matter if you’re looking for a new set of ideas to add to your Pinterest mood boards or if you’re looking for the perfect style for your next manicure, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead are a few of our personal favorite black-and-white nail inspirations and ones to try for yourself.

Swirling Spirals

Spirals are a timeless design that has become a popular trend in the nail world. Featuring intricate detailing, the unique and dynamic nature of spirals allows for endless possibilities in colors, shapes, and sizes.


French Slashes

Serving a Cruella Deville aesthetic, french manicures paired with bold slashes and lines create a multidimensional look.

@kim.nails.f/ Instagram

Fine Abstract Lines

Abstract lines are edgy, and bold and add a unique style to your nails.


White Nails with Black Swirls

This super sophisticated design is classy yet simple.


Black and White French Tips

You can never go wrong with a classic set of French tips for your next manicure.


Cow Print

A versatile and fun way to show off your creativity and inner style.

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Heart Shapes

Hearts arent just exclusive for V-day. Opt-in for a cute heart design the next time you try black and white nails.


Checkers and Stripes

Checkers and stripes are a fun way to spice up any black-and-white design.



Add a floral fantasy to your next manicure appointment.


Black and White Stars

Make every day a starry one with this timeless design.

Ranging from simple to elegant, black and white nail designs are a timeless, elegant, and bold way to transcend any look. This classic combination offers endless possibilities for eye catching and sophisticated manicures helping you to turn heads at any and every occasion.