On Juneteenth, it is not only important to support Black businesses but to make sure you keep your Black health at the forefront. This year, why not do both?

To celebrate Juneteenth, Black Girl Vitamins has announced a new collaboration with acclaimed artist Ana Letase. The artist has designed limited edition merchandise boxes for the brand that showcase the “Strong, Confident, Black Women Vibe.”

Photo credit: Black Girl Vitamins

Black Girl Vitamins x Ana Letase

The brand tapped Ana Letase as a way to celebrate Black women. Black Girl Vitamins knows that Black women are always at the forefront of their communities and they want to make sure the world knows it. Therefore, all of the company’s products for the entire month of June will feature artwork that reflects just that.

“The illustrations in the collection are inspired by Black culture, our history, and the ethos that when Black Women Are Healthy, Our Communities Are Too,” said the company in a press release.

“​The impact goes beyond just the vibrant illustrated boxes themselves. It’s a powerful statement about the importance of representation, self-care, and community support,” it continued. “By coming together and creating this collection, Black Girl Vitamins and Ana Letase have shown that it is possible to create something beautiful and impactful when you focus on empowering artists and businesses within our communities. It’s an impact and inspiration that will hopefully be felt for years to come.”

In an Instagram post, Letase explained her design choice for the collaboration.

“Obviously Juneteenth’s colors are green, red, yellow, white and Black,” she explained. “So for the linework, I was really inspired by the shape of Africa and just reconstruct that.”

Letase chose the repeating affirmation of ‘I rise’.

“I believe its a simple affirmation to tell ourselves every day to stand up for us and what we believe in. Personally, I believe it goes along with the values that Black Girl Vitamins and I have,” she said.

These limited boxes are available to purchase on the company’s website until June 25th.