The number of abducted young Black girls in Oakland is on the rise. Numerous Oakland-based institutions have “declared a state of emergency” for the alarming number of black girls abducted, according to Madamenoire. Oakland City Councilwoman, Treva Reid told KRON News that out of the 1500 missing persons in Oakland, 400 are Black women . Oakland Violence Prevention Coalition Chairperson, Vanessa Russell also told KRON that families contacted her detailing their daughters’ abductions. Both leaders are pushing city officials to combat this crisis.  

Details of the Crimes

In an interview with KRON, Russell said 10 attempted kidnappings occurred over the past month. She added, three men “snatched” a young woman from a vehicle. Madamenoire reports the missing teen was only 16-years-old. The abduction happened after she and her boyfriend left Wingstop in Oakland’s Trestle Glen neighborhood. The couple was about to eat when three men pointed their guns at the two and robbed them. The suspects stole cash, ear pods, and a phone. The gunmen then ordered the young woman to get in their vehicle, according to the outlet, telling her she could retrieve the items if she did so. They then left the scene with the teen in their vehicle and proceeded to rob other citizens throughout the city. The suspects eventually dropped the young woman on an interstate, unharmed. Russell shared her frustrations and said “we have to do something.” 

Solutions To Prevent Young Black Girls From Getting Abducted 

Reid told KRON she wants to adopt a resolution similar to Senator Bradford’s “Ebony Alert” bill. Senate Bill 673, alerts and retrieves missing young Black girls in California. Reid proposes a request to Oakland’s city council president to fight this problem. Russell, who is also the founder of “Love Never Fails Us” works tirelessly to retrieve missing Black women. Russell advises young Black women to protect their “online presence.” She also suggests avoiding connecting with strangers.