The soft life era is in full effect. Adopting this popular lifestyle requires a focus on self-care and self-love. That means listening to what your body needs, putting yourself first and rejecting hardships that come your way. Taking yoga classes or picking up a new hobby can help lead to a soft life. There are several Black wellness brands creating essentials items to help you along your gentle journey. 21Ninety has compiled a list of Black-owned companies you’ll want to check out.

Hair Care

Pampering is an important part of living a soft life. It doesn’t always mean spa days and facials. Pampering can be the simple act of caring for certain parts of your body. Giving yourself the attention you deserve, even in small doses, can be powerful. Something as simple as oiling your scalp, is a great way to slow down and pamper yourself.

Kyra Young, the founder of the Kyra’s Shea Medley, created her Black wellness brand for people with sensitive skin. She was on the hunt for products to use on herself and couldn’t find any. She decided to make some of her own.

The brand’s Multiuse Oil Medley is made with all-natural ingredients. The oil is perfect for treating your scalp. It is filled with essential fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins A, D & E. These ingredients help to penetrate both hair and skin, which increases elasticity. The oil also helps combat aging, stretch marks and sagging skin.

Skin Care

Many people incorporate skin care in their soft life routines. Don’t forget to add an SPF when pampering yourself. It may not be the most exciting addition to your collection of oils and serums, but it is necessary. There is a common misconception that people with darker complexions don’t need sunscreen. However, all skin is susceptible to sun damage, which may lead to issues down the line.

Tennis star Venus Williams created the Black wellness brand, EleVen. Williams says she ventured into the beauty realm to help women feel good about themselves. Along with quality activewear, the brand produces two sunscreen options.

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EleVen’s Game, Set, Match body lotion is a perfect way for you to add SPF to your daily skincare routine. The lotion protects and hydrates your skin. It is a dermatologist-approved formula that absorbs quickly on all skin tones and has a smooth velvety finish. The best part is that it doesn’t create a white cast, which many Black and brown people experience when applying sunscreen.

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If you’re looking for a product specifically for your face, then look no further. EleVen’s, The Ace The Day Natural Face Lotion, has a SPF 30 to gives your face the protection it needs. The lotion also is formulated to be water and sweat resistant for 40 minutes after application.

Oral Care

Caring for your teeth is a major part of the soft-life. A 2016 study done by Pew Research showed that dental health is worse in communities of color as opposed to white communities. Black-owned wellness brands are working to close that gap with products that promote oral health.

SprinJene is a socially conscious brand dedicated to marrying the benefits of science and nature. It creates gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan, Kosher, USDA Bio-preferred and Halal oral care products. The brand also avoids harsh chemicals and abrasives.

SprinJene’s Natural SLS Toothpaste is a great alternative to your everyday toothpaste choices. It contains fluoride to help prevent tooth decay, control plaque and enhance the remineralization of tooth enamel. Made with a black seed oil and zinc formula, the toothpaste is effective against plaque buildup, helps fight gingivitis, freshens breath and soothes dry mouth.

The brand also has a sensitive tooth alternative. This product is made with potassium nitrate for people with sensitive teeth or gums. Similar to the non-sensitive version, this product is effective against plaque buildup, helps fight gingivitis, freshens breath and soothes dry mouth.

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