In the video, Tiktoker Katherine Mary (@iamkeighpower) first explains how she was rushed to the hospital 35 weeks pregnant after feeling intense back pains while at work.


While at the hospital she is set up in the labor and delivery room and then asked by a nurse about her pain. When she tells the nurse she is in extreme pain she is told to “Shut up” as the nurse is typing.

 The Black mother is continually ignored and brought to tears begging the nurse to help her. Meanwhile, the nurse accuses her of overreacting about her pain for pain medicine and says she will leave the room if the mother doesn’t stop crying.

 A report by the CDC shows that Black mothers are around 4 times more likely to die in childbirth than white mothers. Showcasing a clear disparity in the overall treatment of Black mothers during maternal care.

Oftentimes this disparity presents itself in fact that many times Black mothers’ requests and complaints are not taken seriously during labor. As discriminatory beliefs in the medical field persist like the assumption that Black people feel less pain.

The mom on the Tiktok goes on to explain how the nurse on duty went on to accuse of her using drugs and a drug test is run on her ( it comes back negative). 


Later the doctor comes in lets the mom know she has to undergo an emergency c-section for the safety of her child. She would go on to experience seizures, her uterus rupturing and eclampsia due to the negligence of the nurse.


 Due to this she and her baby flatlines and it takes 17 minutes to bring 16 minutes for them to resituate her.

 She says that after the c-section she is put in a medically induced coma, during which her child was airlifted to another hospital for better care.

The story only gets worse as she reveals that after this whole ordeal she arrives at the hospital to be with her child. At the new hospital, she founds out that they lied and told the new staff that she was a drug addict and was HIV positive, with no proof to prove this whatsoever.

Resulting in her being met with a social worker there and not being able to breastfeed her newborn as she planned.

In a follow-up video, the mom says that she won 2 of 3 lawsuits she filed against the hospital and medical staff.  Also the nurse on duty during her birth was fired from her job.