Black-owned makeup brands to fill your makeup bag, because is there any other way? As Black History Month draws to a close, we’re keeping the same energy we started with: all Black everything. In this article, we’re sharing some incredible Black-owned makeup brands that you need to know about.

While there is certainly a global push for more inclusivity and visibility in the beauty industry, things are just getting started. It seems that there is an increased appreciation for the work that Black-owned brands are doing for melanin-centered makeup. It is no surprise that Black-owned beauty brands are deservedly starting to get more representation. With all the support and campaigns targeted to ‘Buy Black’ though, the beauty industry at large is still falling short. According to findings shared by Beauty Matter, Black Americans spend a whopping $6.6 billion on beauty and represent 11.1% of the total U.S. beauty market. More than this, ‘Black beauty brands capture only 2.4% of revenue in the overall beauty market, lagging far behind the 11.1% of the Black consumer spend on beauty products, and the 12.4% of Black people in the US population.’

In a sentence, there are still some deep challenges around Black beauty. The good news is, there is no shortage of brands to highlight, celebrate and fill your shopping baskets. Here are a few Black-owned makeup brands worth splurging on, within and beyond Black History Month.

Black-owned makeup brands to keep on your radar, all year round:

Iman Cosmetics

Created by the fashion icon Iman, this is a makeup brand to give you luxury vibes. The brand seeks to allow all women the chance to feel beautiful, acknowledged, and as flawless as the brand’s namesake. The luxury liquid makeup is dubbed a favorite among Black women. 

The Lip Bar

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Looking for smooth and truth-worthy liquid matte lipstick perfect for your tone? The Lip Bar have got you covered (in every shade, at that) and even offer plant-based products. 

Black Radiance

Your shade absolutely matters when you choose a product from Black Radiance. This Black-owned brand offers some of the best options for all skin tones – including and especially deeper tones. Check out Black Radiance to leave the house feeling flawless.

Uoma by SharonC

$15.50 ($15.50 / Fl Oz)

A brand that wants you to live your best life while feeling ridiculously high levels of confidence every time you beat your face. The Uoma Beauty/ Uoma by SharonC has a wide array of beauty and skincare products. The Vitamin C serum is an ideal way to prep and moisturize your face.

Beauty Bakerie

The Beauty Bakerie gets it. A Black-owned makeup brand that caters to the glamorous demands of Black women’s makeup needs. The Instagram famous brand burst onto the scene in 2011 and, with desert-inspired makeup products, continues to impress. In need of some new lashes to bring your look together perfectly? The cookie jar eye-lashes are a favorite and give everything you need them to give.

Fenty Beauty

Of course, we couldn’t not add Fenty to this list of brilliant Black-owned makeup brands. Fenty has gone to new heights and continues to remain a staple in Black women’s makeup bags everywhere. Haven’t got yourself an iconic Fenty staple in your collection yet? We’d go for the Match Stix Matte Skinstick contour shade to add some depth and definition to your final look. 

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