Subscription clubs make the perfect gift for any occasion. Not only do they guarantee a monthly surprise for your loved one, but you can also personalize them to their specific interests and tastes. With so many different types of subscription boxes available—from beauty products and health snacks to books, electronics and more— you are sure to find something for everyone on your holiday list!

Even better, many subscription boxes tack on a special offer or discount as an added bonus. Your lucky recipient will be sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness and convenience of gifting a subscription club!

Why Supporting Black-owned Businesses Is Important

Supporting Black-owned businesses is an important step in creating a more equitable society. Not only does it provide financial advantages to the Black community, it also gives Black people access to resources and opportunities that they might not otherwise have.

When you invest in Black businesses, you are investing in the potential of Black entrepreneurship and helping to create better futures for generations to come. Supporting Black-owned businesses is a fantastic way to help spur greater economic growth and societal stability. It is an investment that pays off for everyone. So make sure you are doing your part by patronizing these amazing entrepreneurs!

5 Black-owned Subscription Clubs That Make The Perfect Gift

Black-owned subscription clubs are becoming increasingly popular in the marketplace, and for good reason. Subscription boxes offer a way to celebrate Black culture and identity, while creating greater access to products that benefit Black people. These clubs highlight many of the positive aspects of the Black experience, from beauty staples or accessories to books or food items.

Black-owned subscription clubs are important because they provide a space for Black people to come together and support one another. They can also offer exclusive products and services that are not available anywhere else. Here are five Black-owned subscriptions box gifts to shop:


Black Girl Magic Box

Founded by a Black holistic health coach, Black Girl Magic Box is all about empowering Black women. The company delivers new products and tips for achieving your best life.

Most of the products are made by Black women-owned businesses. That means that when you shop Black Girl Magic Box, not only are you supporting Black entrepreneurs, but you are also helping to create more employment opportunities in Black communities.

Their Black Girl Magic Box is a bimonthly subscription box, overflowing with goodies designed for Black women. Each box comes packed with books, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products to help you reach the next level in self-care.


Club Rapunzel

Club Rapunzel is a quarterly hair repair and growth subscription box that caters to women with heat- and chemically-damaged hair. In addition to providing award-winning products, the program also includes wellness tasks, styling tips, and mindset exercises to help members achieve optimal hair growth and retention.

There are four plans to choose from:

ALL HAIR TYPES: Quarterly Repair and Growth Program includes 3 sets of mini hair treatments AND a personal hair growth plan.

The Glittery and Goldy Lox Box provides helpful tips and products for locking your hair.

The 1-1 E-Growth Coaching includes weekly self-care training for hair growth.

For those local to the Miami Beach area, their Local Pickup Club Eco-Beach Program allows you to refill select hair product bottles, to save money AND the environment.

Perfect for the hair product junkie, Club Rapunzel is an ideal gift for Black men and women interested in healing, nourishing, and strengthening their hair.


Your Candle Concierge Subscription Box

Candles are a great way to cultivate atmosphere and ambiance in any room. Not only do scented candles make your space smell delightful, but their soft light can set the perfect mood for a relaxing evening or an intimate social gathering. Not to mention, candles are also known to reduce stress and lift spirits, providing both physical and mental benefits.

If your loved one enjoys aromatherapy, Your Candle Concierge is the perfect subscription box gift. Black-owned and operated, the company introduces subscribers to new Black-owned candle brands every month through a curated monthly subscription box.

Each month, the experts at Your Candle Concierge send a themed box containing three candles and other products to help you maximize your self-care routine.


Penspiration and Planning + Stationary Box

If your loved one is into planning or a pen aficionado who loves surprises and savings, the Penspiration and Planning + Stationery Box from Cloth & Paper is a choice gift! 

Each box contains exclusive Cloth & Paper planning and stationery products. For example, you will receive 8-12 planning items and 5-7 pens, pencils, or other writing utensils monthly based on your planner size. 

Also included in each box is a prompt card to help encourage reflection and personal growth. On top of that, it has a handy pen pouch to keep all your writing materials in one place!

Set yourself up for success by stepping into the New Year with this Penspiration and Planning + Stationery Box.



Healing crystals are becoming increasingly popular as a holistic approach to restoring balance and overall well-being. Crystals are thought to reduce stress, boost energy levels, improve physical health, and even heal certain mental and emotional ailments.

Many also believe that by holding or wearing healing crystals on the body, you can experience deep relaxation, clarity of thought, and enhanced mental focus.

The Servboxx Mind Body and Spirit Boxxes are perfect for tapping into your spiritual side. When you subscribe, you can receive carefully curated products catering to your specific spiritual needs. Plus, the rave reviews ensure that the crystals you’re getting are legitimate!

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