When it comes to breaking barriers and challenging beauty standards, Black plus-size models lead the way. Their confidence and advocacy inspires countless people around the world. These extraordinary women are not just models but trailblazers, tearing down longstanding stereotypes and rigid beauty standards.

Through their perseverance and vibrant spirit, they grace covers and runways and create meaningful conversations around representation and self-acceptance. Their influence transcends beyond glossy pages. These women use their platforms to champion inclusivity, advocate for body positivity, and reshape society’s understanding of beauty.

21Ninety has rounded up five standout names of Black plus-size models that everyone should recognize and celebrate.

5 Black Plus-Size Models

Philomena Kwao

Credit: @philomenakwao/Instagram

As one of the leading voices in the modeling industry, Philomena Kwao stands out for her captivating beauty and unwavering advocacy. This British-born model has consistently championed greater diversity and inclusivity within fashion. Beyond her runway and editorial accomplishments, Philomena uses her influential platform to address broader societal issues, emphasizing the need for representation and authentic portrayal of diverse body types. Through her endeavors, she continues to be a beacon for positive change, urging the world to embrace a more encompassing definition of beauty.

Enam Asiama

Enam Asiama is a remarkable plus-size model, captivating many with her enchanting smile. Identifying as a “fat queer Black woman,” Enam doesn’t merely support plus-size women of color; she empowers them to shape their own stories. Consequently, her impactful message resonates broadly and powerfully.

Precious Lee

Credit: @preciousleexoxo/Instagram

Precious Lee is more than just a model; she’s a symbol of change and empowerment. Hailing from Atlanta, she rose to global recognition as the first black, curvy model to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. But her impact doesn’t end there. Precious continuously challenges and reshapes conventional beauty standards with a radiant personality and fierce confidence. Her dedication to promoting diversity, body positivity, and self-acceptance inspires many, proving that beauty is not confined to a singular mold.

Tash Ncube

Credit: @tashncube/Instagram

Tash Ncube is a dynamic blend of academia and fashion. As a black plus-size model and law student in New York, her journey has been nothing short of impressive. She has graced the runway at New York Fashion Week and made a notable appearance on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Candice Sabiduria Walton

Credit: @Candicesabiduria/Instagram

Candice Sabiduria Walton stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of African-American plus-size models. After her initial foray into the industry, Walton prioritized her education. However, the allure of modeling beckoned, leading her to pursue the craft during her teenage years passionately.