Are you ready to mingle in Nashville? With the hottest music festival of the summer upcoming, that’s The Blavity House Party, there’s never been a better time to explore the music city’s vibrant scene. And if you’ve heard a thing or two about the Nashville scene and its bachelorette parties, you’d know a Nashville music festival is a perfect place to meet your match. Whether you’re into Afro Beats, Jazz, Hip Hop, or R&B, Nashville has something special in store for you. Grab your crew and get ready to hit the town with these top-notch spots.

Blavity House Party Music Festival: Leveling Up the Experience

First things first, Blavity House Party Music Festival is right around the corner and it promises to be a game-changer. Attendees will experience a blend of the vibrant energy of what was once RNB House Party with Blavity’s commitment to community and innovation. Get ready as Blavity takes over Nashville June 14-15.  Tickets are now on sale.

The Vanguard

Looking for a more relaxed vibe to kick off your night? Look no further than The Vanguard. This hotspot seamlessly blends handcrafted cocktails with the sounds of Afro Beats, Jazz, and R&B. With regular African-themed art shows and live showcases, it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in Nashville’s creative scene. Who knows, you might also meet someone new.

Minerva Avenue

Ready to turn up the heat? Head over to Minerva Avenue, Nashville’s top-rated black-owned bar and restaurant. Sip on craft cocktails like “Show Me The Money” or “You Can’t Handle The Truth” while grooving to the weekly R&B lineup. With a full menu lineup and live music “all day er’ day,” it’s the ultimate spot for drinks, dancing, and making connections.

Jefferson Street Sound Museum

Transport yourself back to the “Golden Age” of Jefferson Street at the Jefferson Street Sound Museum. With open exhibits every Saturday and a summer lineup of community events, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore Nashville’s rich musical heritage while mingling with fellow music enthusiasts.

National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM)

Delve deeper into the impact of Black music at the NMAAM, the first museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating Black musical heritage. Located in downtown Nashville, it’s a must-visit destination for music lovers of all backgrounds. Afterward, indulge in some culinary delights at the nearby Fifth & Broadway complex, home to Nashville’s popular Black-owned eateries.

Nearest Green Distillery

Take a trip to the Nearest Green Distillery and raise a glass to Tennessee whiskey. As the first distillery to commemorate an African American, Nearest Green, it’s a testament to Black excellence and innovation in the spirits industry. With a range of activities for the whole family, including tastings and farm tours, it’s the perfect blend of history and hospitality.

Nashville Black Wellness Collective

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with the Nashville Black Wellness Collective. Led by Dr. Kim Walker and Claude Walker, this organization offers curated outdoor adventures for Black individuals looking to connect with nature and each other. Whether it’s biking in Nashville’s parks or kayaking on the water, it’s a chance to unwind and maybe meet someone special.

Cë Gallery

End your night on a high note at Cë Gallery, an inspired speakeasy studio that hosts art exhibitions, dance parties, and holistic healing events. With its ever-changing exhibits and immersive experiences, it’s the perfect place to let loose, connect with fellow creatives, and maybe even find your perfect match.