Since its initial launch in 2011, Twitch has become a world of its own. From several gamers conducting livestreams to finding entertainment with sports and music, the platform’s content is endless.

While it may be overwhelming for new users to see which side of Twitch they’re comfortable viewing, it’s not impossible. Here are five Black female streamers to watch out for while searching through the online platform.


After getting her start with livestreaming on Twitch during the pandemic, AlexNormaki has cultivated a solid online community. She takes a different approach with her commentary, while reacting to the games she plays. Her page also features cosplay-making and chatting streams. Her supporters enjoy her mix of finding humor throughout the digital storylines or questioning different game characters’ fates. While AlexNorimaki’s content is entertaining for viewers, she creates a sense of belonging where each user feels included.


Gaming was not new to Morgan Nixon, or “Bettynix,” when she explored creating gaming content on the Twitch platform. She grew up playing with a Gameboy and a Playstation, which introduced her to the digital world. Before finding herself on Twitch, Bettynix attempted to start on YouTube. However, she found Twitch to be more manageable and preferred to create in-the-moment content instead of pre-recorded videos. Since launching Bettynix in 2018, she has found immense success with her community of nearly 20,000 followers.


Twitch streamer Ciarra Tonin creates content focused on gaming and delivering a cozy tech lifestyle. Her comforting presence has contributed to the streamer’s growing following of almost 12,000 supporters. While she mostly streams the horror video game Dead by Daylight, she balances providing comforting content to audiences.


Viewers are guaranteed a good, fun time while watching Copacaxi’s Twitch content. Known for her vibrant and outgoing personality, fans feel the positive energy illuminated through the screen, as she streams different games or engages in thoughtful conversations online.


Quin Martin, or “CtrlAltQuin,” continues to make headway on the streaming platform. Martin provides comedic and entertaining content for her thousands of viewers. Her platform started, as a part-time gig. However, after finding success, she bumped it to a full-time role, hoping to make the space more inclusive for viewers and users.