Let’s be real, Vaseline is a centuries-old beauty product that is sworn high and low within the Black community. Dry lips? Apply some Vaseline. Cracked hands? Apply some Vaseline, Ashy Knees? Well, You know the rest. 

In recent days there has been an upsurge in TikTok trends, particularly the emergence of the notable petroleum jelly being used in a “new” beauty trend, and let’s just say that the Black Twitter collective is bewildered by the recent discovery of other cultures just now discovering the products many benefits. 

Korean skincare is most notably known to achieve the “glass skin” effect, which in this case is now achieved by using Vaseline through a fad called “Slugging.” A term that was coined from South Korea, and refers to the application of petroleum jelly used for skincare properties and moisture inducing benefit. The beauty trend is said to garner glowing skin effects that limit transepidermal water loss, which can most evidently be described as the cause of dry skin. 

The beauty trend has surfaced on TikTok for a while, however, is now making a grand entrance in the beauty space, claiming that the skincare hack is one of the best ways to achieve glossy and glowy skin- an interesting revelation after being used for over 150 years by the Black community. To make matters worse, the term “slugging” was coined to describe the healing properties of Vaseline due to its glossy and shiny benefits which are similar to that of a slimy slug. 

The term “slugging” is just as questionable as to why this beauty hack is just now garnering attention, and let’s just say that Black Twitter is not happy with the recent discoveries of this staple household item.

Historically, the Black community has notoriously gone unnoticed when it comes to our ideas, tips, tricks, creativity, and a plethora of other outlets that have continued to push the world forward in positive ways.

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