Glow-worthy skin doesn’t happen by accident. Brooklyn Sky is a Black woman-owned skin-care brand that lives by this very principle. The company prioritizes ingredients you can easily understand. Founder Laurencia Burt poured her knowledge, research and love of natural ingredients into a skincare brand that everyone can indulge in. 

Brooklyn Sky represents safe health in many ways. The Black woman-owned skin-care brand represents freedom and a safe space for Burt. Each product amplifies the practice of self-care. Burt shared the history and purpose of the brand, her personal story and top skin-care tips with 21Ninety in a recent interview.

21Ninety: Your story and drive as a Black woman-owned skincare founder is truly inspiring. What inspired your to create the Brooklyn Sky Collection?

Laurencia Burt: Born from a journey of personal healing and professional insight, these skin-care products are more than a beauty routine. They’re a testament to resilience. 

[After] facing specific trauma, I noticed significant changes in my body. With a background in clinical social work, I understood the deep interconnection between mind and body. As I committed to my own healing, I realized that traditional therapy, while vital, wasn’t sufficient for me. My emotional struggles began manifesting physically, pushing me to seek alternative solutions. This led to the creation of my unique skin-care line.

Each product is infused with natural ingredients, my personal experience and professional knowledge. Witnessing a transformative impact on my skin, I shared these creations with family and friends. This journey wasn’t just about skin-care. It was about enhancing self-esteem and nurturing connections with loved ones.

21N: What are your go-to self-care practices?

LB: My go-to practices center on embracing self-love and valuing my relationships. I work on people-pleasing behaviors, deeply appreciating myself and cherishing my connections with loved ones. I’m committed to improving both my health and mindset. I actively remove anything that doesn’t add value, ensuring each day is a step towards personal growth and genuine happiness.

21N: What are your top tips for healthy skin?

For people of color, our top tips for healthy skin are centered around moisturised skin. Daily application of Brooklyn Sky Body Butter to nourish and hydrate your skin deeply will help with this. Regular exfoliation is key. Use our gentle sugar scrubs two to three times a week to remove dead skin cells and promote a smooth, even complexion. This combination helps in maintaining skin’s natural moisture balance and enhancing its radiance.

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Sky Collection

21N: What are some of the key ingredients in the Brooklyn Sky Collection.

LB: In our latest Brooklyn Sky Collection, each product contains no more than seven ingredients. These include shea butter, mango butter and jojoba oil, blended with sweet almond oil, fragrance oil and cosmetic-safe mica for a delightful experience. These ingredients work together to hydrate, soothe and enhance your skin’s natural beauty. 

21N: How did going viral on TikTok affect Brooklyn Sky’s presence in the skin-care industry?

LB: Within 24 hours, our sales skyrocketed, leading to a complete sell-out and an urgent need to produce more. This sudden surge was both exhilarating and daunting. We gained several thousand followers almost overnight. We’re now focusing on leveraging this momentum to expand and engage our TikTok community, since this will enhance the reach and impact of the Brooklyn Sky brand.

21N: What is the most exciting shift in the skincare realm that you’re most excited for in coming years?

LB: The most thrilling shift in skin-care I’m eagerly anticipating is the ‘less is more’ approach for daily routines. We’re embracing minimalistic approaches, and I like it.

Think steering towards creating ‘glass skin,’ a movement centered on hydration, moisturization and rest. This trend aligns perfectly with the essence of the Brooklyn Sky Collection, where each product enhances the skin’s natural radiance. Get ready to experience the Brooklyn Sky effect, redefining skincare norms with simplicity and efficacy.

This article has been edited and condensed for clarity.